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The Mercedes SLS AMG is a supercar capable of delivering an exciting driving experience, breathtaking top speeds, and track worthy handling.  In gasoline engine trim, the car is one of a handful of vehicles to offer performance on par with true race cars.

İndividual motors for the 4 wheels - 0 to 60 in 4 seconds - very nice 

İ am not that excited about the Mercedes name any more though. İ felt the VW transporter we had was a better vehicle than The Mercedes Viano we just sold was. Moved downscale now - bought a Fiat Fiorino minivan. Better mileage by about 100% but the big part is much less in the way of annual taxes and insurance. The Fiorino is a bit easier to park as well which is a big deal when parking spaces are hard to find.

Note: We have a universal health care system here plus very high taxes to pay for it - good luck there! There is an 18% VAT (8% for a few essentials), annual car tax, 10 USD per gallon gas, income tax, import duties - İ have no idea what we really do pay per year in taxes but it isn't small.