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Declare Victory and change the subject!

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"Today we've made meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough here in Copenhagen," President Barack Obama said in announcing the Copenhagen Accord.

İn politics you never lose - you just move the goal posts!

İ am really curious how many subpar achievements can be considered 'meaningful and unprecented'? There seem to have been many recently.

Hopefully the participants will have done their homework before the next convention. İf the document is not ready and can't be signed there is no reason to have the party!

One very big thing is verification. Everyone should have to sign on to allowing it with procedures and rules in place. No verification then no go. China has a real lousy record on factual reporting of anything (think bird & swine flu victims or product quality). İndia is exactly the same in that type of thing. İ spent too many years working in Asia to believe anyone on their word or self reported facts.

İn many places east of Europe (most) lying isn't even considered a bad thing to do - it is normal.

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I agree - I can't believe Obama would make a statement like this; I'm not seeing anything "meaningful" about Copenhagen. If anything, flying all the people in, all the energy used to house them, and so on what, prob offsets anything that came out of the whole event. I'm disappointed in the whole affair, although I can't say I'm totally surprised. That's why I push small steps on my blogs, or when I talk to people. You can't force anyone into large green living tasks when they don't want to take the steps or when they're not ready to. Obviously, many were not ready to be on board with fighting climate change, and with something large like this, the event is only as strong as its weakest link.

What a waste of time.
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İ see no way to get a global agreement on a topic where national interests are so far apart.

1) The militant leftists see it as a way to score political points (read Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia etc)
2) Various leaders of 3rd world countries see it as a new source of funding for their hidden bank accounts
3) The South sees it as a way to milk the North for everything possible
4) China, İndia and Brazil see it as an effort to keep them from developing
5) Small island nations are seeing bubbles rising
6) Europe see it as saving the world or possibly the universe
7) The US sees it either as a pain in the backside or the only hope (depending on the camp one is in)

Unilateral actions are the only way to get anywhere and then force other parties wishing to do business with you to comply to your standards. Not very European as they always whine about this type of action but global agreement ain't coming! 

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