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Add your name to the Copenhagen petition, over 11 million names so far

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It's an emergency petition for a fair, ambitious and binding deal. With so many names it's bound to make an impression, and it only takes a minute to add yours to the list!

UPDATE: There are now nearly 15 million names. Copenhagen may be over, but the petition is still open, and the more names that are added, the stronger the message will be that more than ever the public still want a strong, binding agreement.
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See their privacy disclaimer - they can pretty much use your information as they want except to give it to 'unaffiliated third parties'.

Before encouraging Obama to sign up on something İ would like to have a better idea of what it says. 

From the disclaimer:

We may share some of your personal information with the following affiliated groups:

* Affiliated Third Parties – for example, our database administrators – for the sole purpose of helping Us do our work. These groups do not share your personal information or use it for any purpose other than as instructed by Us.

* Third Party Administrators, such as organizations we engage to facilitate large distribution of messages. The content of these emails will be from Avaaz and these third parties do not have direct access to your personally identifiable information.

In addition, with your explicit permission, we pass along certain of your information to the following groups (as is standard practice):

* World leaders, news publications and other targets when you choose to use our email tool to send them messages.

* World leaders, news publications, and the general public when you sign petitions or complete surveys.
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Hmm, it doesn't seem fishy to me. Avaaz are a known and established group with many similar projects under their belt. Their terms and conditions seem to suggest that although they may pass on your details, it is only for their own work and nobody but them will contact you. You'll get an initial email from them, which allows you to opt out of any further newsletters.

As for what they are asking Obama and other world leaders to sign up to, this is the message accompanying the petition:
We call on each one of you to make the concessions necessary to meet your historic responsibility in this crisis. Rich countries must offer fair funding, and all countries must set ambitious targets on emissions. Do not leave Copenhagen without a fair, ambitious and binding deal that keeps the world safe from catastrophic global warming of 2 degrees.

It sounds suitably non-specific to me, just a demonstration of how very important the outcome of this meeting is to so many people.
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1. Not saying it is fishy - just very wide distribution of information is allowed - anyone they decide to give it to

2. The statement is very nonspecific - that is what İ don't agree with - in particular 'fair funding'. İf funds are not specifically directed with tight controls İ think zero should be allocated. The 3rd world contries with their hands out the farthest generally have a poor record on corruption and for that matter the oil countries want in on this boondoggle.

A bad agreement is worse than no agreement. A bad agreement from the US standpoint will never get senate approval and never become law. No president has the authority to enter into a treaty (which this is) without the concurrence of the senate.  
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I certainly appreciate what you're saying. I also would have preferred that it hadn't said "Do not leave Copenhagen without..." but I should think that Obama understands these issues very well, and that the petition would serve more as a statement of public support for the world coming together to fight climate change. It bugs me to see skeptics already making their own petitions and declaring their opposition to a global deal. I see it as very important to demonstrate that despite the skeptical voices, overall the world is aware of the urgency of climate change and sees it as a priority.
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