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Better Place

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From Greentech Media & Michael Kannelos an update on Better Place - the EV charging station company.

"Better Place, the electric car charging company founded by SAP alum Shai Agassi, has always seemed impractical to me for a number of reasons. Automakers don't like it, consumers would find it more expensive, and battery swapping is just too wacky for daily use. But there are other reasons. The company's best asset seems to be an ability to charm elected public officials and glossy magazine editors."

Seems they are falling behind their promises very quickly. Another startup designed to collect funds while the topic is hot! 
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 I have not heard a thing recently about Better Place plans for California charging stations.  Last year ground was broken- don't ask me where!  Not being for *any* electric vehicles does not make too much sense;  it is similar to saying "you all must drive a certain car: like it or not".  I think that would go over like a lead balloon!

About certain cars- on the TV news tonight was a story about the Green Vehicles move to Salinas CA.  Shown were assembly lines with about 20 funny looking 4 wheel cars.  This may be the vehicle planned to be used with the Better Place charging stations.  Time will tell if the public likes them.

I do not like to drive an older full size powerful car on Salinas highways.  Not sure I have enough nerve to drive an EV anywhere near there- maybe not even a Tesla!
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