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Chevy Volt

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From All Cars Electric a review of the change over from the battery to the engine mode. 
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A review of the Volt transitioning from battery power to electric power generated on the fly. Sounds fine! No gears with the Volt! 
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From Energy Boom

'GM recently manufactured the first battery pack for its upcoming extended-range electric vehicle: the Chevy Volt.'

'GM is the first major automaker to manufacture an advanced lithium-ion battery pack in the U.S., and Brownstown Township will be the first high-volume U.S. automotive lithium-ion battery manufacturing site.'

“This is an important milestone for GM – and a critical step in bringing the Chevrolet Volt to market,” said GM Chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre.

We hope they really are on the way with a bright future - time will tell.
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Good news.  As far as I know they're still on track to start producing Volts at the end of this year.
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