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This year try to make a point of using reusable or recycled holiday gift wrap for your presents. Some ideas...

  • Cloth gift bags - you can even make cloth gift bags yourself.
  • Try picking up some small wooden boxes and painting them. These work well for small gifts and you can find them at any craft store.
  • Use newspaper, old wrap, magazine pages, and so on - any recycled paper products around the house will work. Just don't use newspaper on gifts that could get marked with the ink.
  • Give your gift in a reusable container. I've given gifts to gardeners in a nice planter, and baskets work well for many people.
  • Wrap a gift in a gift such as a scarf.
  • Give gifts that don't require wrap at all such as a nice holiday flowering bulb.
  • Make your own paper with old recycled paper.

What else have you used for gift wrap?