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The Hack

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Indeed.  Apparently there's always a new low to be reached.
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Yeah the deniers are going absolutely bonkers because Jones used the word "trick" and there was another email about getting rid of the blip.  Deniers of course take these phrases out of context, as the RealClimate post notes, and rather than try and understand what they were saying, assume they were discussing the nefarious AGW hoax/fraud/conspiracy.

No matter what the content of these emails, deniers would find something to misrepresent as "proof of the hoax".  And of course none of them could care less how illegally these emails were obtained, or how immoral it is to continue to disseminate them.

Whoever did this hack did the world a great disservice, because we're never going to hear the end of it.  It's a denier's wet dream even though the content of the emails is utterly benign.
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Originally Posted by Dana Nuccitelli View Post

Whoever did this hack did the world a great disservice, because we're never going to hear the end of it.  It's a denier's wet dream even though the content of the emails is utterly benign.

I don't know that they are totally benign.  The ones about deleting e-mails are hard to interpret in any way but bad.  It's understandable why they wanted to delete e-mails, certainly the Bush Administration understood the benefit of deleting e-mails, it's just really bad. 

This is the intellectual analogy to the movie version of The Andromeda Strain, where if the nuclear warhead went off in Project Wildfire the alien virus would mutate into millions of different strains and the world would never be rid of it.  Crichton wrote The Andromeda Strain. 
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Fair enough, the deleting emails one was a little bad.  But there's certainly nothing about the "global warming conspiracy" in there.  While the deniers will obsess over the emails, I don't think they'll have much impact on level-headed people at all.
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I guess expecting a denier/contrarian/skeptic to be rational is oxymoronic.  They scream for "proof" of AGW, never accepting anything and constantly moving the goalposts, yet many are proudly yelling from the rooftops that these emails are absolute proof of the big "hoax".  Seems like a strange and inconsistent criteria for proof.

I honestly would like to be a little upset about some of the content in the emails, but I simply can't be because of the lunacy and idiocy of the deniers.  Their skepticism ends wherever it is convenient.  What a bunch of complete idiots.  The only thing this whole situation has shown me is more evidence on the mountain already in existence that deniers are simply a bunch of crackpots who will latch on to anything and everything, irony never noted, to further their ignorant agendas.
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Agreed captaint but you have to remember the garbage many 'green; sites put out as well. I see it as all one package I guess. 

The anti bunch generally seem to believe in conspiracies - no way the core group is going to believe anything else except what they have already determined is correct.

The GO sites where anyone in the world with no qualifications what so ever are hired to write are a good example. The writer latches on to a post about research by MIT and publish it as the latest and greatest not having any idea how few of the research ideas ever make the market place. 

I also happen to be blocked from commenting on those same sites. I hate to see stupidity put out to people as useful information and can't manage to not comment. 

Wind turbines that have no reference. except from the manufacturer are pushed as the greatest thing ever when it is obvious the writer has never looked into what a turbine is or should do. Break through tech that is 20 years away from commercialization (if ever) is promoted as if it will be here tomorrow.

Both extremes tend to go overboard on the green topic rather heavily! 

One idiot on a blog I read maintains there is no proof that mercury from coal is not a hazardous thing! He generally manages to keep his head deeply buried in his backside when coming into contact with a keyboard!

Robert Rapier who ( has the blog is big in gasification of biomass. That part is interesting and Robert is sharp but having to wade through stupid comments from readers gets tedious at times.

Life is tough ain't it!
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Well that's exactly it - people in denial are by definition not reasonable people.

Even the few emails which have been misconstrued as being somehow dishonest only involve 3 or 4 scientists.  Yet the deniers are convinced these emails prove that the entire AGW theory is bunk and all data has been manipulated and all climate scientists are frauds, etc. etc.

There's no reasoning with unreasonable people.

I started covering some of the email misrepresentations in Myth #14, by the way.  I'll probably add a few more when I have time over the weekend.
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