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Planet too warm? Bury the CO2.

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8 Nov,2009

Today i read an article-Planet too warm? Bury the CO2 by Shobhna John. She mentioned about a unique experiment (carbon captue and storage) that is being conducted by Japan's Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth. Japan is the latest country to capture carpon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere.
Now I want to know that What is that CARBON CAPTURE actually is ?? Is it really benificial or not?? And also its impact on living beings.

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Carbon Capture & Storage? Nothing new and billions have been spent on it by the US government and more by others. It is really modifying existing processes to be used in a flue gas stream. 

Will it work? For that understanding:
  • You need many years of experience with gas separation and probably a chemical engineer degree
  • The storage - maybe a geology degree again with many years of experience

Actually, no one really knows today if it will be a go or not.

Is it beneficial? If it works and the carbon can really be maintained in storage - yes

Is it economical? Another difficult question - certainly the cost will be passed along in the product - whether electricity or steel or anything else. There ain't no free lunch. Would it double power costs from 11 cents to 22 cents - probably by the time they get it in service.

A lot of very experienced and smart people are working on it for companies both large and small.  
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A technology to bury underground the greenhouse gas emissions produced from burning coal must be ready for global deployment by 2017-2019, U.S. energy secretary Steven Chu said on Monday.

Coal is the world's single biggest source of carbon emissions, at 40 percent. Other sources included burning oil and natural gas, and deforestation and the production of cement.  .

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I don't know about the accuracy of the statement but last I heard the gods of science and engineering don't take advice or instruction from the US Energy Secretary or any one else for that matter.

It would be nice but I don't think commercial carbon sequestration is quite that close. Trials have been underway for years and progress is being made but there is a good way to go.

Many 'wish' for an easy, quick solution. An old boss of mine had a suggestion that came out whenever someone said "I wish" - his suggestion - crap in one hand and wish in the other. Let's see which fills up first".

I left the link above because there is information available on the site but be cautious of all sites like this. Far more sites will be looking to hoodwink you and relieve you of your money than to actually provide a useful service.
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