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Hello folks!

Some of you may have noticed EcoHuddle's homepage changed a bit yesterday.  We've got a new activity stream which you'll see around the site.  Here are the highlights:

  • Variations on the new activity stream display on the home page in place of the Recent Discussions and subscription modules, and on a user's profile in place of the former activity stream, and on the new brand pages in the new Industry Insiders feature
  • A beta version of the activity stream is available to logged-in users as an alternative to the "classic" All New Posts page
  • Content is pulled in from forums (like new threads and posts), products (new additions to the site and new reviews), Wikis, and user profiles
  • Content can be narrowed down at any time to view a subset of those content groups
  • Content can also be viewed either in a detailed view or in a simplified summary view
  • Some action items can be expanded to display more information - for example, in the expanded view of a thread, you might see excerpts from the most recent few posts
  • From the home page, logged in users can filter to view all recent activity on the site or just their subscriptions
  • Icons identify content types
  • User, timestamp, number of replies, views, and other stats are displayed accordingly with different action items
  • It'll look something like this on the home page....

Let us know what you think!