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Electric Scooters

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Elecscoot a company based in the North East of England has fabulous specs on really good looking bikes, the E4 model is sharp and goes 50 miles  on just one charge.  The E3 model has lithium battery packs that lift out !
anyone wanting a reliable EV should check out
The vehicles boast UK manufactured running gear ! 
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Peugeot is returning to the electric scooter market with it's E-Vivacity or the 'eco citizen' scooter. The specifications follow and seem OK for a small bike. For the press release please seeé%20presse%20e-vivacy-en.pdf

Peugeot E-Vivacity Technical Specifications:
Engine: brushless synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets, air cooled 
Displacement: Equivalent 50cc 
Modes: economical - 45 kmph - reverse
Batteries: Lithium-Ion Cobalt (approx 25 kg)
Charging Time: Four hours - on standard household power
Max. power: 4kW (5.4 horsepower)  
Clutch: Direct drive electric motor 
Transmission: Notched belt 
Top Speed: 45km/h (28 mph) 
Frame: Steel double cradle 
Front suspension: 32mm telescopic fork 
Rear suspension: Adjustable single shock absorber 
Front brake: 200mm disc 
Rear brake: 190mm disc 
Front/Rear Tires: 120/70 - 12 
Seat height: 786mm (30.9 in) 
Dry weight: 115 kg (254 lbs)  
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That's cool, but the low top speed is kind of surprising and disappointing.  My R Martin EVD only has a 3 kW motor but a top speed of 50 mph.  The Peugeot has a 4 kW motor and top speed of 28 mph?  What's up with that?

Still, good to have a major automaker manufacturing an electric scooter.  I wonder how much it will cost.
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