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Blog Action Day 2009 Focuses on Climate Change!

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Blog Action Day is a worldwide annual event where bloggers around the world team up on one day to discuss one important issue. This year is especially important because the topic everyone will be blogging about is climate change.

Blog Action Day was founded by Collis Ta’eed in the summer of 2007 and that first year he managed to recruit 20,000 bloggers to all write on the same topic (the environment) on the same day, October 15, 2007. The topic in 2008 was poverty and even more bloggers came out to participate. The third annual Blog Action Day is coming up, and there’s still plenty of time for you to sign up.

What: Blog Action Day 2009

: October 15, 2009

This year’s topic
: Climate Change

The point
: Blog Action Day is an effort to get everyone in social media talking about climate change. You don't have to be a green blogger to participate. No matter your blog’s topic, you can participate. When bloggers join together to focus on one topic, on the same day, it encourages readers around the world to also give their attention to the issue. It’s amazing and fun to see everyone in the blogosphere join together for one day. 

Who can participate: Everyone around the world is free to join in on Blog Action Day. Small blogs, huge blogs, new and old bloggers, everyone. There’s no limit on the number of posts, type of post, or your opinions.

How to participate: Head over to the Blog Action Day site and register your blog, or blogs. I usually have about four or five of my blogs participating, and this year is pretty much the same. I've got a bunch of my blogs signed up including, Tree Hugging Family, Thrifty Mommy, Blisstree Green Living, Best Green Home Tips, and more.

So far 776 blogs are on board – are you?


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Thank you for the heads up. I joined the year before, but missed last year. I will join again this year.
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This is a great way to raise awareness about climate change across the globe. News of glaciers melting, below normal rainfall, changes in the average temperature of the earth, and species unable to adapt to the climate change are some of the effects of climate change. We as responsible people need to protect the environment and help in conserving natural resources like water. Visit for water-saving tips!

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Seriously.......Climate Change is a very serious problem.. !!
Actually,the mercy is that-'WE' (the humans) are responsible for it.. i suppose the advancement in technology is the major factor for this problem..

Earlier, when there were no automobiles,no electricity..the people were more happier..they enjoy the nature, every season,,, there were no such variations in the temperature, rainfall, etc. but now, today, the monsoon season become dry, the duration of winters also shortened..

And with increase in global temperature, the diseases also increasing in number..
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