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Fair trade products

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Hello everyone! I really think that socially conscious gifts are very suitable on special occasions. They serve as ethical gifts that vary in price range. It’s not hard to choose from the extensive selection of these fair trade products that are also suitable for anybody.
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Hi brianmorgan, Sorry to disagree but when I looked at the greenheartshop catalog you linked to and it looked like a bunch of useless, mislabeled and overpriced junk.

Just because a wallet is made from construction netting and costs 24 USD does not make it green or a good deal to me.

A 'fair trade' football for 50 USD?

A SIGG water bottle for 22 USD - they are on many peoples bad list now anyway 

They did have one section they call 'Eco Products' which was not any different.

Much of the recycled section is simply recycled metal which is normally done.
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