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Global warming causing earth explosions!

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Has anyone heard of this guy before? Tom Chalko? He wrote an article that explains how global warming will cause the earth to explode...

He also apparently wrote something about global warming causing more earthquakes

The only thing I found about this guy is that he also owns a business selling shirts that increase your "bio energy"

I'm kind of surprised I've never read about this guy before. Does anyone know anything else about him? Why does he write crap like this?
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Hah sounds like a really nutty guy.  I've never heard of him either.
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He's an instructor at the Univ. of Melbourne.  He's a nutjob.  Here's a sample of a project he submitted to the university:
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Geez the guy is seriously nuts.  Makes you wonder how he got the position at U of Melbourne to begin with.
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Looks to me like he is just trying to raise money. I expect he is successful and attracts people that believe in anything that looks like it is not science.  I love listening to the podcast skeptics guide to the universe (SGU). They discuss a lot of this cranky stuff  and also a little about why people do it  - just out for the money or 'true believers'  SGU covers lots of different topics but I think there is a particular need to examine some of the crazy energy claims that rip people off.




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