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Time ran an interesting piece a couple of weeks ago; The Real Cost of Cheap Food. I liked the piece a lot, which focused on why we can't NOT afford sustainable food vs. conventionally grown food.

However, also in the news this summer has been the whole slur on organics (see Organic Foods Not More Healthy.) BUT I disagree with the take that organics are not more healthy because it's more complex than nutrition. Plenty of folks besides me realize that this is a majorly flawed study. What do you think? Should organics be all about nutrition - i.e. weighed as less or more nutritious, or weighed on other levels. For example, I don't care if organics are less healthy to be honest, because I don't want pesticides in my son or in farmers for that matter or the soil and air. I always buy organics that make the Dirty Dozen list - and as my budget allows I buy other stuff in organic form too.

What foods do you buy in organic form and why?