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To celebrate International Literacy Day, Better World Books is offering a15% discount on all their used books from their warehouse. 

Even if you miss this sale, this is an excellent place to purchase books that you can't find used at your local book stores. First of all, by offering used books they're saving books from the landfill and consumers get a good deal. Secondly this company supports a bunch of great causes - National Center for Family Literacy, Books for Africa, and Room to Read, and every purchase at supports global literacy initiatives around the world.

I browsed around and they have a ton of used green living books like:

  • It’s Easy Being Green : A Handbook for Earth-Friendly Living
  • The Lazy Environmentalist : Your Guide to Easy, Stylish, Green Living
  • Ed Begley, Jr. : Living Green (Voices for Green Choices)
  • Greenopia, Los Angeles :The Urban Dweller’s Guide to Green Living (Greenopia series)
  • The Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook
  • And more!

To score your deal, just use this code at checkout:

Use this code for 15% off your used book orders