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Free Sample All Natural PureVia

CLICK HERE to request a free sample of this natural sweetener made from stevia.

This might be Australia only, when you request it asks for your country, but the only states you can choose are from Australia, so I'm not sure if that is just a glich. I just filled in my state with my city under the suburb heading.

This is the info about PureVia from the website:

"PureVia™ is the perfect addition to my diet and healthy lifestyle. It adds just the right touch of guilt-free sweetness to my morning tea. I’ve used stevia for years, and I’m excited to introduce PureVia because it makes stevia accessible to the growing number of people seeking more natural options. PureVia is an easy way to enjoy natural sweetness without all the calories – it makes me feel good to stand behind it."

A pure extract of the naturally sweet stevia plant is the secret to PureVia’s sweetness. It’s called Reb A and is the sweetest and best tasting part of the stevia plant. At Whole Earth Sweetener Co., we work in partnership with PureCircle to ensure that PureVia is sweetened with the highest quality of this natural sweetener. And because we work with a single company to source Reb A, we are confident in the consistent quality of this important ingredient.

PureVia only contains natural ingredients. The pure extract of the stevia plant that sweetens PureVia starts with stevia leaves which are first milled and then steeped in water using a brewing method that is similar to brewing tea. The resulting crude extract is then further purified to separate the Reb A using a mixture of water and ethanol. Ethanol is made naturally from sugar cane and is the same alcohol found in beer and wine. Unlike many companies, PureCircle does not use methanol to purify Reb A.

Whole Earth Sweetener Company blends Reb A with other natural ingredients and flavors to create a great tasting, all natural, zero calorie sweetener with a clean, crisp taste and the authentic texture of sugar, but without all the calories.

The URL for the website again is: