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Chevy Volt v. Fisker Karma

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From Clayton B. Cornell:

This sexy-looking sports car [the Karma], which I stumbled upon at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this week, uses the same kind of technology as the lusted-after Chevy Volt. Both cars use a purely electric drive train for the first 40-50 miles of driving, then switch to a small gasoline engine that recharges the lithium ion battery pack for longer drives. This means that if you drive less than 50 miles per day, you’ll only need to refill the tank once per year.


So how do these cars differ? Well, GM is saying the Volt will run about $20-30,000, while Fisker is asking an arresting $80-100,000. GM has also voiced their confidence that they’ll be the first plug-in on the market in 2010, but a Fisker representative told me they were taking orders for 4th quarter 2009. It’s going to be a tight race, and more competitors are on the way (mentioned in earlier post).


(Read the whole article over at Gas 2.0)

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Actually as I recall, the Volt is going to sell for closer to $35,000.  Still, much lower than the Fisker Karma.


There's also the Aptera typ-1h plug-in hybrid, of course.  Though it's only going to sell in California at first, it should go for about $30,000 and I believe its performace specs are basically the same as the Volt/Karma's (40-60 miles in electric mode).

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$80,000 to $100,000 is quite a bit too expensive for me. $35,000 is closer to being possible, at least. Either sounds nice enough, but neither would really fit the bill yet.

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Chevy has started advertising the Volt all over the TeeVee...I think they have a tremendous amount riding on it's success. I'm saving my pennies...

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Yeah they ran a ton of Volt ads during the Olympics.  And I agree, the future of GM is riding on the Volt.  There have been talks of GM potentially going into bankruptcy, and that the Volt is the one vehicle that can save them.


One advantage of the Volt over the Karma (and vehicles from other start-up companies) is that Chevy has dealerships and service centers already set up all over the country (and world).  That gives buyers good piece of mind that if anything goes wrong, they can take it to their local dealership for repairs.  That's exactly why Aptera is only selling the typ-1e in California at first, in fact.

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