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Home Energy Monitoring - Web Survey

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Hello all

We are helping a reputable research company find participants for an on-line survey of home energy monitors.

There is a list of qualifying devices, and you need to be using one of them.

The study ends August 30 2009, is offering a $10.00 Starbucks card for completed surveys, and we vouch for the fact that there is no "trickery" with this request.

I have written a number of times of the need for attitude change that leads to behavioral change is we are to save energy. Like the 24% saving that can be achieved if you press the sleep button on a laptop, rather than walk away leaving the power settings to do it for you.

I am a great believer in the "e-finger" and the "e-bend" as the most effective approach, but I would love to know of additional solutions. Where there is technology that saves more than it costs, I am all for it.
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 Hi Alex - Best of luck! I personally don't have any of the fancy measurement units yet - no bucks at present (or in my case Lira to be more precise).

Hope you find some people to participate.
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Hi Russ

Thanks for the encouragement.

We did get a few responses, and the study has been completed. I have asked for the results and if they are published we will post a link to them.

It seems that there is a lot more talk of energy saving than there are devices in operation. But it may also be that users do understand why measuring does not save, and that you can learn about usage characteristics and make changes to how you live without measuring.

However, we have built a page with a complete list of all the energy monitoring devices available. I had not realized how many there are. From Microsoft Hohm which is really some questions and answers to encourage awareness, to TED and other devices that clamp onto your home input, or read the meter to give continuous data.

Each device has a link to the manufacturer home page so you can read about it from the source, and a forum for discussion. We are busy gathering comments from the web to make it easier for readers to see what real users are saying.

From what I see so far, they are an expensive way to increase awareness. But if that what you need then who am I to say other!
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