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False Organics

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Reported by the Environment Leader - the FTC are after the shysters. 

FTC Charges Clothing Firms With ‘Bamboo-zling’ The Public

Companies marketing products under the names “ecoKashmere,” “Pure Bamboo,” “Bamboo Comfort,” and “BambooBaby” falsely claimed that their rayon clothing and other textile products were “100 percent bamboo fiber,”  the FTC charged.

For the whole story:

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Wow, that is some pretty clever greenwashing....

This comes from about the same issue:

The FTC said that Jonäno, Mad Mod, Pure Bamboo and Bamboosa were all marketing rayon clothing and other products - marketed under the names ecoKashmere, Pure Bamboo, Bamboo Comfort and BambooBaby - as being made with 100 percent bamboo fiber. Rayon is a man-made fiber that can be made from the cellulose of any plant or tree, even bamboo, but since it goes through chemical processing, the resulting fiber cannot be called bamboo fiber or whatever plant was used to make it.

Apparently three of the companies have agreed to stop making these claims but they are going to be allowed to say their products are "rayon made from bamboo."
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Maybe you can answer this for me. I know nothing about fibers but we ordered several shirts for our business that were supposed to be 100% bamboo and the tag on the inside says 100% polyester.  We were pretty upset but the tag attached to the outside said something about a bamboo charcoal method, so I was thinking however they make the fibers, they used bamboo as a fuel source in the place of other less renewable sources? Maybe?  Not sure if you knew anything about that...
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One of the complaints the FTC made was that bamboo is said to have certain benificial characteristics but in processing to rayon those characteristics would be lost. Therefore, for the company to make those claims was false.

I have no idea how rayon or polyester is made at all! It just kind magically of appears in clothing I guess - Harry Potter style.
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what little i know about polyester is that 1. it's endocrine disrupting and 2. it's technically plastic. i do'nt know about you, but i don't like putting on plastic clothing except on halloween (maybe).

me likey the old standards cotton and hemp.
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Does this include the sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond?

We just purchased a set.  Please advise.  Thanks
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This info has been pretty big in the cloth diapering community. We use quite a few bamboo fleece and bamboo velour items. They are still super soft, and don't have stink issues like microfiber and the like, but we're going to try more hemp now.
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I haven't posted here before but I'm looking for some advice.  Has anyone dealt with Greenware (trademark) "compostable" cups?  They look like plastic but the cup claims to be compostable.  I called Vancouver city hall and they say they're only able to take these in the land fill - they can't be composted or recycled.  I let the company using the product know this (I know they're trying to be responsible) and they had no idea.  Thanks.

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