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The news has articles about the opening of the Sun Tower project - 5 mW of solar power in Lancaster.,917059.shtml

LANCASTER, Calif. - (Business Wire) With 24,000 mirrors glimmering under the Antelope Valley summer sun, eSolar, a leading provider of modular, scalable solar thermal power technology, today unveiled its 5-megawatt (MW) Sierra SunTower solar power plant. The full-scale power plant, the only power tower of its kind in the U.S., produces electricity for Southern California Edison (NYSE: EIX) and can power more than 4,000 homes in California’s Antelope Valley.


The eSolar technology resolves many of the problems that have held back large scale solar in the past including cost, speed of deployment and proximity to existing transmission lines. eSolar uses advanced software algorithms to precisely focus thousands of mirrors on a single point to efficiently harvest the sun’s energy and achieve economies of scale with a smaller footprint than anyone else in the business.

See the rest of the article on the links provided above.
They are a bit excited it seems - this is good but it is 5 mW and 4,000 homes powered by it?

The article mentions 300 construction jobs and 20 ongoing jobs for engineers etc. A staff of 20 for 5 mW is really excessive and I would expect them to have maybe 2 (1 needed with a backup) engineers with a handful of skilled manpower and labor.

There is no heat storage mentioned so this is direct to grid power only.

The cooling is not mentioned so it is using cooling towers and approximately 2.5 to 3.0 liters per kW of water.

eSolar is contracted with PG&E to build 2 more 46 mW plants in the same area.

Hope water is not a problem!