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The Green Restaurant Association is a great organization that can help you find green eats all over the U.S.

GRA is a national non-profit organization who and serves both restaurants who’d like to become more sustainable and consumers looking for a green place to munch. You can find restaurants by searching a list of Certified Green Restaurants or read their great Dining Green: A Guide to Creating Environmentally Sustainable Restaurants and Kitchens. One nice feature are the suggestion cards available to print out and leave at your favorite restaurants - a no-fuss way to take action for green and healthy food and buildings, and helps you nicely encourage your favorite restaurants to become more sustainable. There's also a thank you card for green restaurants doing good already. 

To gain a Certified Green status, each restaurant needs to meet the following goals…

  1. A comprehensive recycling system must be followed (depending on area product recycling laws).
  2. The restaurant must be free of all Styrofoam products.
  3. Each green restaurant needs to commit to completing four eco-steps annually.

The eco-steps cover these in-depth issues better than the general goals though. If you go out locally or while on vacation this is a great organization to check out first.