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Inhofe's list, revisited.

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A detailed spreadsheet is now available which breaks down the list of 687 "dissenting scientists".  The spreadsheet was compiled by the Center For Inquiry and is a very thorough analysis.
The CFI also released an accompanying brochure which was recently released at a press conference.
None of this is new, of course, but I believe this is the first time a complete assessment of the list has been done so thoroughly.
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That's an impressive amount of research to put that list together.  I just scrolled through trying to find names that had either published in a peer-reviewed climate-related journal and/or were climate scientists.  It was probably around 10%, and many fitting the bill are retired or just not convinced by AGW (but don't necessarily think it's wrong).

Oddly few people cite Inhofe's list these days.  It's usually the even more worthless Oregon Petition, probably because 30,000 sounds more impressive than 687.  Deniers always favor quantity over quality, I've noticed (for example with their arguments).
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Very cool, illustrates the level of disagreement among skeptics perfectly. I've always been tempted to make something like this, that shows how contradictory they are even among each other.

I just don't understand how deniers can see something like this, with dozens of contradictory arguments piled together, and see it as one single strong argument. Don't they realize that for just one of these arguments to be right, it means that like 90% of the other arguments must be wrong? 

As Dana says, quantity over quality...
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