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sorta a vent, but a ? about goodmama broken diaper also

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a week ago I went to open one of my goodmama diapers I hadn't opened before and there was no 3rd snap on the left tab. I found the snap in the bag, but it was obvious this snap never was attached to the diaper from the way it's melted, it never could have stayed together and must have fallen off immediatly. I'm sorta peeved the diaper got shipped to me this way, since it I can't imagine if they had given the diaper a complete inspection it would have been missed. So I emailed goodmama, with the purchase confirmation from them that showing I bought the diaper from them in the email a week ago asking what to do about sending the diaper in to be fixed. I still haven't gotten any responce and it's been a week today. Now this has peeved me off even more since I've asked them various questions about when certain fabrics would be stocked and etc... and I browsed through my emails with them and I've always gotten responces the same day or next day before... of course those emails were ones that were possibly garnering them income, whereas to fix this diaper and pay for shipping and what not will cost them... so what am I to think about that?.... you know? Anyways... so I'm kinda ticked about this in general, and was wondering what others had done in this situation with goodmama- how do you get the diapers fixed? How do you get them to reply to you? and etc...

I just sent another email (with the original message texted in below the new message) saying-


"Hello! I am still waiting for a responce from you for this. I have checked my emails and must say I'm extremely disappointed, as in the past when I was asking questions about stockings and etc.. I have always gotten same day or next day responces, but when I ask a question that will cost you money I have still not gotten a responce almost a week later. I was planning on buying some more diapers soon but now am not sure I will be purchasing from you in the future, if I have to worry both about quality of the diapers I'm recieving and then again customer service in getting the diapers fixed when they are shipped even though they are obviously inferior quality. So far I am very disappointed about this experience and hope you remedy the situation soon."


A little b*+c#y I know but as it's not my fault at all I think it's warrented to come across a little strong. I also wanted to make sure they understood that they weren't saving any money by not responding to me, but losing future purchases. ~blah~

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I probably would have done the same thing.  That's really surprising because most cloth diaper companies I have dealt with have had phenomenal customer service.  Hope you get your response soon.
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