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A Heads-Up On Some Fun Green-Themed Contests

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I just saw a couple of fun green-themed contests over at (an online green social network) -- maybe someone here will get lucky?

They're offering some great prizes, including a $250 Whole Foods gift card, $250 in cash, a new digital camera, an eco-friendly HP laptop and printer.

Here are the contest options:

1.            creatively reuse something that you would have otherwise trashed  --  just submit a photo of your repurposed item along with a small description.
2.            design an eco-friendly t-shirt
3.            take a picture of you (or someone you know) hugging a tree
4.            submit a video  of you cooking your favorite healthy green recipe

What I like is that each prize will be matched with a donation to the notable non-profit organizations Acterra, Kiva, Ashoka and Trees For The Future (

Here's the link if you want to check it out:

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What simple and fun contests! I was excited just to get ideas from the contest then felt myself inclined to enter it myself! is such an amazing site even outside the contests for anyone and everyone. I'm going to tell all of my friends about it! Thanks!
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Greenwala is good - there are lots of other green contests around too though. Right now Earthbound Organics is having one just for kiddos - you can win...

1. A $500 US Savings Bond for educational use.

2. A $500 donation in your child’s name to their choice of one of these nonprofit environmental organizations:

  • American Forests
  • Beyond Pesticides
  • Environmental Working Group
  • Healthy Child Healthy World
  • Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Organic Farming Research Foundation
  • Pesticide Action Network North America
  • Union of Concerned Scientists

3. Winning quotes will appear on the back of Earthbound Farm’s new salad labels and on the Earthbound Farm website.

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Thanks for giving me the heads-up on those other green sites. I'm really interested in Blisstree Green but was totally unable to register...kept getting an error message asking me to double check that my e-mail address was accurate. It was. I don't suppose you have any insight? If not, how long have you been on Blisstree and what do you think about it?
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I definitely recommend checking all of their contests out -- I've entered every one of them and they're a lot of fun.

Plus, odds are stacked in your favor since very few people have entered and a few of them end in just one or two weeks.

I noticed that they have a new one running now -- it's called "
Summer of Fun".

Basically, you have to submit your best photo of your summertime adventures.

I'm just going to copy and paste the text from their site for everyone to read:

Greenwala's Summer of Fun photo contest is calling on all trigger happy people to send in their favorite

summer time adventures captured via digital camera. Whether you're enjoying the great outdoors in

your neck of the woods, kicking back at home, or vacationing in a far off exotic place, dig up that photo

that everyone always raves about. (Finally! You can put your vacation photos to good use!)

Greenwala is making a $250 donation to and the winner will receive $250 cash and

a Canon digital camera!

Here's their contest page link:

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