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Green Bernie Madoffs?

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 "LONDON (Reuters) - Investment advisors and asset managers could be sued for negligence if they do not consider the environment and other social issues when making investment decisions, a United Nations report said on Tuesday."

I guess we can be happy that if they make off with our money at least they will have to be green according to the UN.

Somehow this doesn't ring a bell with me. When it is OK to cause trillions of dollars in losses during the meltdown due to what was more or less gambling a guy will get into trouble because he wasn't green enough?

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So I guess I don't totally understand what they mean by investment advisors and asset managers.  Do they mean Bernie Madoff-types?  Or do they mom's financial planner who advises her on her investments?

But speaking of Bernie Madoff...did you know he's in a green prison?

Bernie Madoff didn’t want to go to Butner Federal Prison, located in a quiet suburban area outside of Durham, N.C. He would have preferred Otisville, which is just 70 miles outside of NYC, but being rich and famous doesn’t mean the feds care about your preferences. At least Madoff can take comfort in the fact that the prison where he’ll spend the remaining years of his life is green. 

Butner is the nation’s first and only LEED-certified prison, meaning it met the U.S. Green Building Council’s standards for sustainable design. The medium-security federal corrections institute took steps early in the building process to be ultra efficient and found that such measures save money and don’t have a major effect on operations.
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