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From Reuters on Saturday:

By Nichola Groom



GOLETA, California (Reuters) - It's not often you hear executives from the biggest U.S. industries and a Republican governor clamoring for stronger regulations on climate change. But that's exactly what they want.



Without clear climate change policy, not only will manufacturing jobs be siphoned off to overseas rivals investing heavily in renewable energy sources, but U.S. companies won't have any clear direction on where best to invest their money in new capital projects to keep in line with regulations, top executives said.



They criticized the United States government sharply for failing to invest in new energy technologies.



They also blasted officials for neglecting to create aggressive energy efficiency standards and failing to extend tax subsidies for clean energy sources such as wind and solar -- measures they say would create jobs for Americans.



"The entire chemical industry and manufacturing sector has lost 3.1 million jobs due to a lack of a coherent energy policy," Dow Chemical Co Chief Executive Andrew Liveris said in an interview at a Wall Street Journal conference near Santa Barbara. "We have a manufacturing crisis in this country ... The leadership of this country needs to step up."


(To read the rest, head on over to Reuters)