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Zap Xebra review on The Truth About Cars

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Here's just a little snippet from Paul Niedermeyer and his review summary:


"Once I squeezed myself into the Xebra pick-up, I had to contort my legs to operate the two pedals located on the left side of the steering column. As I turned into traffic, I was overwhelmed by the sensation that I’ve just committed a youthful prank– stealing one of those electric garbage-can haulers from a convention center. And I’m having doubts whether I’m going to be able to outrun the security guard running after me.


Flat-out and level, the speedometer eventually finds an unsteady waver between thirty-two and thirty-four. A moderate hill quickly drops “speed” into the teens. Every bump, crack and pothole becomes an obstacle to avoid or regret. The motor whines like a hairdryer about to expire (the salesman admits the sedan is even noisier). I have no desire to check the actual range of this motorized wheelbarrow/hair-shirt. Which way is back to the convention center? Why does my xB suddenly feel like a Bentley?"



(To read the whole review, head on over to The Truth About Cars)

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Well geez that seems like an overly harsh review.  Sure the Xebra is a no frills car, but you expect that when you buy it.  If you want an affordable EV with any kind of decent speed right now, it's not going to be the most comforable car ever.


I don't think it's fair of him to assume that the ZAP Alias and/or ZAP-X are vaporware either.  I didn't appreciate that part of the review.

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This just in, the Xebra is the top-selling EV at Ecomotion, the country's top EV dealership.


"The New York Times reported that electric car dealer Ecomotion of Portland, Oregon is the top dealer in the nation with about 125 vehicles sold. The article says the dealer sold about 50 of the ZAP Xebra, called the "surprise success" by the Portland Oregonian."


Take that, Paul Niedermeyer!

Also, Darlene at Davis Electric Cars is featured in the NY Times article.  I know her! :-)

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I do think that Zap has a kinda cool line of cars (or maybe glorified golf carts) - you have to know that with 3 wheels and it's exterior size that it will not be a Lexus when you get in... Think about it, Neidermeyer... jeez. 


Anyway - they only go "up to" 40 mph so they have limited utility at this point.  Here in Southern California it simply would not cut it on the freeways or major side streets.  Other less densely populated areas might do better.    Don't underestimate the very necessary benefit of places like convention centers, resorts, amusement parks, industrial complexes, etc. using vehicles like this.  They are emission and gas free - I think it is worth it for these commercial applications just because of those qualities!!!   Less smog is less smog, period.

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