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Sprizer at home!

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I've always loved soda and can't help but drink a ton of it. After getting cavities from drinking tons of regular flavored soda, I switched to diet. Then I got scared of the asparthame in diet soda causing cancer and many other harmful side effects. So I started drinking simple carbonated water (sprizer). Unfortunately, it only comes in one liter bottles here. So the packaging and transportation costs associated are rediculous. I've found many websites explaining do-it-yourself home cabonation kits that only take minutes to assemble and end up saving so much in the long run. If you can reuse your old bottles of water, then you'll never have to but bottled spritzer again!


I've seen more in-depth instructions that allow you to use a real carbonation motor system so that you have a full soda fountain... but thats more that I need.

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Wow, have you tried this yourself? Do you know if the homemade sparkling water tastes the same as the bottled stuff? I always feel like bottled sparkling water (even the plain flavor) has a little bit of a different taste to it...


Also in the spirit of avoiding purchasing bottled water, I thought I'd share about my water system at home. It's a filter for flat water -- stands alone on the kitchen counter and hooks right up to my sink -- no need for any fancy installation (took like 5 minutes to set-up). Instead of buying bottled water or constantly refilling a Brita pitcher, this thing makes getting purified water really easy, convenient, and enviro-friendly...


Check it out:  I have the cheapest stainless steel countertop unit, and would highly recommend it!

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That home-carbonation kit looks amazing!  I love soda, too, and my husband and I drink a ton at home.  It's not really healthy, though, so I've been thinking about switching to club soda or sparkling water, and mixing in a bit of fruit juice or flavored syrup.  I'd love to hear more if you have one of these systems at home.  I'm sure my husband could figure out how to make it work!  It'd save us a lot of money that we spend on Soda, that's for sure!

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My friend was telling me about his green project he's undertaking to keep from having to buy plastic bottles of seltzer...he sent this link over that is INCREDIBLY comprehensive in terms of process of setting up a home unit, flavoring options, etc.


If you like seltzer, I can't imagine a reason not to do this one...

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