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Hi Mike,

OK, how much power is lost in transmission - what percentage?

One reason your electric bill went up is most likely because the power company 'had to be dragged kicking and screaming' to buy very expensive power from wind turbines or solar. That is not 'excess' power that İ could possibly understand.

A battery powered radio is green or uses less power? Not really.  A hand crank radio maybe or a solar powered battery charger.

İ read all about the power storage projects - exactly which one is coming, say within the next ten years?

DC power? You see the occasional question about it on sites where the power guys hang out - not much. İt will not happen for many good reasons. That is like going to off grid solar with a 55% efficiency - that is a benefit of storage for you. 
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Originally Posted by Eli View Post

The whole solar panel on the Prius is pretty ridiculous in my book.

It's true. The solar panel on the Prius doesn't really do much. It powers a fan that keeps the interior of the car cool when it's parked in full sun, and that's it. They don't advertise anything about it recharging the battery or helping you drive further. Pretty gimmicky feature, although if money is no object I guess it would come in handy in hot weather. I have seen cheap gadgets you can hang in the window crack of a car to do the same thing.
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Welcome to the Huddle Andy! Looking forward to more comments.

Like you pointed out - it is a gimmick type of feature - not something of all that much use. İt just seems a bit silly when it is promoted as being something great like a solar powered car! 
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I cannot believe that you a frequant researcher on the power question ,never ran accross how ineffiecent are huge power grids are.
lets put it this way you do now how energy ineffiecent any gasoline driver engine is?
Wel elterical transmission is even worse.
I have long term batteries in that solar and crank raidio also in several flashlights.
With the use of both of them only several hours in a month . I would probably have to live a couple hundred years before they  wore out and needed replacements
Now have you noticed the cost  of all batteries have increased yet again?
Russ ,Wind power takes know aded charges for fuel, transportation or mining of fuel ever which takes vast amounts of energy.
Have you ever consider this in you Alternative energy equasions.
And DC  current can be stored AC cannot except in very small scale in cellphones and such.
Why is it the utility companies never tell us that?

I am going to  write this once..
I type with one very shaking finger so many the added letters you see in my posts are not do to spelling errors.
True there are also a few spelling errors I do appoligise for them.
It takes me sometimes 10 minutes to writte and post even someting like this piece.

I do believe the reader can get what I am saying through my posts.
Thank You
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İf you have batteries that will last several hundred years you should market them. They are the only ones in the world capable of that kind of life.

To discuss inefficiency there has to be a basis. For example, a solar PV connection to the grid is 95%+ efficient. Solar PV to battery storage system is approximately 55% efficient.

Are gas engines efficient? The efficiency is well known - no big secret. Are various parties constantly working on improvements? Yes!

İs there a better way to get power from point A to point B than the grid? The grid is a very big part of modern life - without the power distribution system everyone really would be back in your caves. Will there be improvement in the grids the next 10, 20 and 50 years? İ expect immense improvements.

İ didn't know it was the problem of the utilities to tell people about basic science such as DC power is stored and AC is not. The utilities really go a long way in trying to educate the public in my estimation. İ had no idea AC power was stored in cell phones - İ don't think anyone else does either. 
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It is time to move ahead .
We have technology right this very second that can start us on a better path.
Please think of those people thaat will be here after both of us are gone.
You know it iis a fact that if you are in deep water and you stop swimmin g you will sink.
Don't sink Russ
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Funny thing about that Mike - İ'll be swimming and smiling as you enter the vortex.

Even better - everyone of your posts shows up in the questionable category for spam?

İ click that it is not spam - seriously deranged yes but spam? no. 
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Hello Russ,


I am not sure that you are an advocate of renewable form of energy, as is evident from your post. I am an expert in Solar power utilization and with my expertise I can assure that solar energy is perhaps one of the best form of alternate sources of energy. It is available to all and in abundance. It is true that it is not possible to rely entirely on solar energy. However, it can be used as an alternate source of energy. With the invention of high-efficiency solar panels and solar generators, solar energy has evolved as a sustainalbe alternate for residential power requirements.


I provide more information on solar DIY kits on my blog:




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