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I am currently a second year geography student at university preparing for my dissertation research this summer.  I intend to study how the lived experiences of eco houses affects peoples' attitude and lifestyles through lived experiences.  To do this I am visiting a number of houses to view the houses themselves and interview the inhabitants.

Below I have posted the ten questions I intend to ask them.  If you have five minutes spare could you please give me your feedback on the relevance of the questions and if you feel inclined please feel free to answer them as it will give me some idea of what to expect from my interviewees.

Thank you for your help.


1.  Can you give me a brief biography of how you came to live here?

2.  Have you lived in any other kind of eco housing?

3.  Since you have started living in this home what changes have you made that would effect how 'eco' this house is?

4.  Why did you make these changes?

5.  Was it a hard change of lifestyle to move from mainstream housing to more ecologically friendly housing?

6.  How much would you say living here has changed your lifestyle when compared to how it was previously?

7.  What sort of effect has living here had on raising a family and family life?

8.  What is your relationship like with the local community?

9.  Do you feel this is a sustainable long term future?

10.  Has living here affected your attitude to any ecological aims you may have had?

Thanks again!!