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Some of you may have heard of this, but in case nobody here has, here is a link to an ongoing project called Around the Americas.  It is an attempt to circumnavigate the American continents by sailboat (a feat never before accomplished in recorded history) while conducting research to highlight the health of the oceans.  The point of my post is this blog entry from the AtA onboard writer (Herb McCormick), concerning the effects of environmental change on native peoples and the resources they use.   


While the whole idea of AtA might seem to be a crass publicity stunt, the science projects on board Ocean Watch are fairly well thought out and highly relevant to climate and ocean health.  Whether or not a sailboat is an ideal platform to conduct research is not the real issue.  More important is the fact that the crew is taking the science seriously, and there is the strong likelihood they will come back with a fairly unique ocean/atmosphere dataset. 


Anyway, check in every so often to see if they make it through the Northwest Passage this summer.