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Taiwan Solar Panel Covered Stadium

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 I was reading about a new statium in Taiwan which is covered with PV panels - people were so happy!


Copied from the site:

3. Avoid Daytime Peak Hour Consumption of Power As one kwh costs 3 Taiwan dollars, and power generation are available 3 hours everyday, 3000 kwh can be generated in a single day, and 10,000 Taiwan dollars can be saved. 


They are using 8,844 solar panels to generate 3,000 kWh per day. One site calculates they will generate 333 USD power per day though I believe it is 96 USD per day with current exchange rates. Due to the shape of the roof the PV panel exposure is somewhat less than optimum. StJerome - how much less would you get if you shaped your PV panels like this? A lot!


The architect is happy he did a wonderful thing! The greens are happy with such a wonderful thing! The investments in solar are fine but is Taiwan the best place? 


What about investing the same amount of money in a place with a bit more sun. The possible return (or at least less expense) would still be credited to the Taiwan peoples account. This is not a money maker but a rat hole.


This is a bit like the National Guard putting PV panels up in New Hampshire. At least do it some place with sun! 


Green is fine but some common sense should be used. 

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Now I see that 

is reporting that all power from the stadium including 2 super large screens come from the installation - they lifted the input from inhabitat.


Truly a case of the blind leading the blind. I believe the information was misunderstood by the first guy and messed up even more by the second. It takes more than 100 USD per day to power such a stadium.

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The Vatican has it's soalr roof as well - donated of course.


It is a gift from SolarWorld AG. The solar modules were manufactured at the SolarWorld facility in Freiberg/Saxony. The inverters were donated by SMA Solar Technology and the grid connection was planned by the Italian company Tecno Spot. 


One of the richest organizations in the world with a hand out as always. Couldn't the companies have selected a more deserving recipient? Here they claim 600 million USD.

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It's really great to start seeing more stuff like this popping up.  I went to my sister's volleyball game the other day at a high school in the SF Bay Area and they had the parking lot covered with "solar trees."  Now, it's probably not quite a cool as covering a stadium in solar panels, but an open air parking lot is a big open space that could definitely stand to have some extra purpose other than....being a parking lot.

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Wow, you have to admit the stadium is pretty awesome looking.  My question is do those solar panels have some sort of storage mechanism like a battery?  They must, because when you need the lighting (at night) is when there's no sunlight reaching the panels.  If it's also connected to the grid to supply power when the stadium doesn't need it, that would be extra cool.


Solar trees are awesome too.  Not only do they provide shade for cars, but potentially recharging infrastructure for EVs.

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Right Dana it looks good. Can't fault the asthetics at all.


They are talking about 10 US cent power - or 1.14 million kW generated annually = 114,000 USD


The stadium site does not mention this supplying 100% of the stadium's power requirements. I believe that got added in as the information was copied from site to site.


It is grid connected so no problem with any excess generation or demand.


Taiwan is far enough south to get sun but the orientation of the individual panels seems highly suspect - I guess my take on it is that it is fine but is it all that green? I really don't think so. A PV or CSP power plant performing at maximum under good conditions I call green. To come close to rated output the panels need to have close to the optimum orientation.


The 8844 panels produce 1000 kW for three hours a day. One writer told how it would supply the 80% of the surrounding areas power requirements. With a total of 3 mW per day?


The stadium site says it took 6 minutes to bring all the lights on line - it says nothing about the solar contribution in doing that. I believe it was the imagination of one of the writers that caused the solar power to carry the load.


Same problem for wind - a commercial wind farm with the tall towers operating at max is green - a small turbine on someones roof putting out 10% of rated capacity because the initial rating is unrealistic  - it is helping no one except the supplier. 


I was taught that just doing something is not important and can even be counter productive - doing it right and doing it well is what counts.

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Yeah it does seem like efficiency took a bit of a back seat to aesthetics on this project.  On the one hand the solar panels could have been used more efficiently by not orienting them so willy-nilly.  On the other hand, using the solar panels is a lot better than just powering the stadium off the grid.


So you can certainly argue that the money could have been better spent (particularly on a more cost efficient energy source like concentrated solar thermal or wind), but then again at least the money was spent on a renewable energy project.

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The stadium roof is a step in a positive direction rather than negative - correct.


The stadium price is quite reasonable if correct - how many stadiums in the US have been built for 150 million recently?


I just learned how to spell aesthetic by the way - if you noticed, in the previous post I blew it!


I do wish people would be a little more careful in their reporting - too often positive or negative attributes are added in posts on various sites which don't seem to appear in the original articles and I can't find backup for in research.  

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