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hybrid remote control lawn mower

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Has anyone seen the hybrid remote control lawn mower?  Not many people have. Electric lawn mowers and robotic mowers are great for the environment, but have small, thin blades only suitable for smal, flat lawns. Plus on the robot mower, the user has to bury a wire around the perimiter of his yard. The hybrid remote control lawn mower cuts down on fuel consumption by 40% while being practical on any lawn. Lawn care professionals use them on steep slopes up to 70 degrees, and the elderly can once again enjoy yard work. The hybrid power system keeping the battery charged is also a plus.  They even have a t.v. commercial for the remote control mower. I can't wait to see the infomercial... 

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For only 2200 USD plus each (residential model - commercial are 5000 plus) guess I should order a hundred or so! 

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Hey Russ!,

Thanks for the comment.  Yea, the cost is a little pricey.  Remember when the flat screen first came out?  They were $12,000!!  And, last year everybody got rid of their perfectly good television to get one that they could hang on the wall.  Once the demand is made for our product, you will be seeing a price reduction for sure.  If you would like a newsletter, shoot me an e-mail from the contact us page of our site.


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This is just me saying again, That I really wish people would identify themselves as being associated with a product. From Johnwright first post, it sure appeared to me that he just stumbled upon this product. If you follow his link, it appears he actually sells them. That really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I look forward to people telling us about their new products, it is part of the reason I check out the site. However, if I even get the hint that someone is misrepresenting  the product or themselves, it will take a lot for me to trust them.

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Thow shalt not lie!  I do build, fabricate, sell remote robotics.  I got yelled at for sounding too salsy on one of the last community blogs . And, now I'm getting yelled at for misrepresintation  I'll try and find the happy medium.  I want to make a difference in a way that I can.  I  want to tell the world twice how they can mow faster and easier and at the same time reduce fuel consumption by 40%.  Let's leave as much oil in Iraq as possible but helping the green industry and not leaving negative comments.  

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John Wright, I am not sure how you took my comment as negative. I see it as constructive criticism. It is always good policy when marketing to be transparent, you were not, for whatever reason. Please don't wrap yourself in a green flag to make my statement look like an attack on the green industry. I was thinking "I'm cool with that", until I got to the last sentence in your statement. Feel free to look at my history on this forum, I have never attacked anyone or been negative. As I said, I am all for green products that work, especially those that are cost effective. However, I am skeptical by nature and find trust necessary for me to buy any product on the Internet. Misrepresentation, no matter how large or small, is a very large red flag to me. If you product is good and esp if it is somewhere near cost effective, I am sure it will do will on the forum on it's own as long as they trust the source. The people on this site are intelligent, treat them that way

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I agree with Brian - people should just make the statement, "I represent this item', then present the item.


In John's original post he talked about 'they have' & 'I can't wait to see the infomercial'. This led me to believe the post was from a 3rd party - not a company representative/salesman.


Just say up front what is happening and then all is fine.


By the way, I never go to You Tube - that is as in never 

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Originally Posted by kantoquad View Post

This is just me saying again, That I really wish people would identify themselves as being associated with a product.

Thanks for your comments on the issue.


Given that we're a community focused around green living and sustainable products, there will invariably be individuals that present themselves on the site to share information about their products.  And while we (the Green Home Huddle/ believe that there is absolutely a time and place to include manufacturers, retailers, and distributors in the conversation, it should be honest and transparent - it should be done in a way to maintain our community's focus on what we call "user generated content."


In our Terms of Service (which each individual agrees to upon registering for the site), we do indeed have a Commercial Use Policy which sets parameters for the participation of anyone with commercial interests in the contents of their posts. 


We are working on a new feature to help manufacturers, etc. talk openly with the community in just the way you're mentioning.  We'll keep you posted on the details!

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This is not something I am jumping on. I have the typical California yard. If I start to run from one end the the other, I will hit the fence before I get up to full speed. I use a little over 1 1/2 gallons a year to cut my gas. 40% saves me about a buck or two ( not including the cost of the batteries for the remote control). At $2200 a unit, I won't live to see any payback or my children's children.  A person, who has lived since the time of Jesus, would now make some money back on it. A larger yard may bring the payback to a century or so. I am sure this is a niche product, for people who want a cool toy and/or have too much money.

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The residential models will not pay for themselves very fast. They will reduce fuel consumption and allow the elderly to, once again, enjoy yard work.  However, just one of our commercial models will replace 6 or 8 2-stroke gas/oil burning weed eaters on slopes up to 70 degrees.  Lawn care professionals increase productivity by a large margin, while at the same time reduce fuel consumption by a large margin.


The price, when compared to other mowers costing over 12 grand, is not out of bounds.

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