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Climate Change the Judge Rules

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This little item caught my eye a few days ago, because I own property in the area:


Wal-Mart's solar power no-show

7:01 PM, May 15, 2009

A San Bernardino Superior Court judge on Thursday rebuffed Wal-Mart’s plan for a super center in the desert city of Yucca Valley, partly on the grounds that the giant retailer failed to take measures to reduce its contribution to global warming.

Environmentalists had been pressuring Wal-Mart to install solar panels to provide electricity for its proposed 184,000-square-foot store. But the retailer contended that the estimated 7,000 metric tons per year of planet-heating greenhouse gases that would result from the store’s operation was too insignificant to require such measures under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Judge Barry Plotkin, relying on contrary evidence from state air quality officials, ruled otherwise on Thursday, in a case that signals a growing legal consensus  that climate change must be considered by businesses and governments promoting new developments.


Despite Wal-Mart's efforts these last few years to promote themselves as advocates of sustainability, they don't seem to get it, and they and the city of Yucca Valley may well appeal.


But isn't it a relief to see that the courts are taking the issue seriously at last?



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Wow that's cool.  I didn't even realize we had measures on the books which require retailers to mitigate their contribution to global warming.

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