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Global warming cartoons

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Not to make light of the issue, but over the years there have been some good cartoons. Anyone else got any?


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I kinda like this one. Possibly making light of the issue in an educational way is the way to get through to some people. The use of fear in the media, using words such as "shocking, terrifying etc" really does not get through to people.

Because some people cant understand the issue, and cannot relate it to themselves they go in to denial about its exsistence. Rather interesting topic, several good papers on it. Doing my dissertation on the topic.

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Here's one about dumping iron into the ocean...


Obviously algal blooms aren't so good for the fishes in the sea.  But I guess that would have maybe been a whole separate comic strip.

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Good one from Tom Toles today.


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Love it! 

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Doubt they had many maintenance problems at least! 

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Originally Posted by captaint View Post

Finally, a solution to our energy problems.....



Haha, oh dear....that is too funny.  Advertising...a bunch of hot air mostly.

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This ties in pretty nicely (though it's not a cartoon)
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Hah, sad but sadly true.
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Great cartoon! A very large percentage of the population prefer to have others do their thinking for them.

İf the other party is famous it is even better because people have an easy reference as to the source.

This kind of thinking is what drives many of the multilevel marketing companies sales. İf you can just get your product into the 'approved by someone known' category you are home free! 

Same reason companies search out and pay big bucks to somebody like Begley or Leno to front and support a useless product. Those two have absolutely no idea what it is even but their agents tell them 'lottsa bucks' and they pour on the praise. The lawn ornaments (sorry İ meant to type wind turbines) are really sad.
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I found a lot of these off an RC link.  Pretty amusing stuff!
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Hah that's a good one!
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Tom Toles has a lot of good cartoons on the subject.
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Here's some, sort of animations more than cartoons. A different way of promoting Environmental issues.







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Loved them all cartoons

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