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Headed down under

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Thought I'd let you guys know I'm off on vacation to Australia tomorrow night for about 10 days, so you don't wonder where I got off to.  I'll be doing fun stuff like riding kangaroos and hunting crocodiles and whatever else those crazy Aussies do, so I won't be spending much time online, although I'll check in every now and again.

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I have ALWAYS wanted to go there. Have an amazing time and upload some pics when you can!!!

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One of my favorite parts about Australia is that almost every car was small - hardly any big cars, trucks or SUVs - and there were tons of mopeds and motorcycles around.  Didn't see any electrics, but lots of little gas powered mopeds.  Sydney has a really good train system too.  My sister-in-law and her fiance don't even own a car.  They usually take the train, or sometimes a cab, and rent a car when they need one.


Turns out that Sydney is the Australian equivalent of San Francisco, by the way.  They're very similar cities.  So since SF is my favorite city in the US, that worked out nicely.


I'll post some photos later.

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Boxing kangaroos:




View from Blue Mountains:


Sydney Harbor, Opera House, Bridge (which we climbed):


Snow leopard:

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Those pictures are so great!  I'm so jealous.  I love the one of the kangaroos.  How's it going with the time change being back?

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Yeah boxing kangaroos are funny to watch.


I'm adjusted now.  Overslept a little on Monday morning so I couldn't bike to work and had to take my scooter instead.  Was a little tired yesterday, but pretty much back to normal today.

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that's so awesome! I love the pics!!! hope you are having a GREAT time!!!

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