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Hello everyone!  We pushed some new updates a few minutes ago.  Here's a run-down of what you might notice.


Updated Image Handling and New User Galleries

Since the launch of the site, we've had on site image hosting.  However, now image handling is very much new and improved.


  1. Each user has a gallery of images on their Profile page.  On each user's page, you'll see thumbnails of 10 images that user has uploaded and you'll have access to all their images.

  2. Within the forums, clicking an image will open it up within a lightbox, keeping you on the same page.
  3. You can now add descriptions to your images.  Now you have the option to add an image description when you are uploading photos directly to the Green Home Huddle.  Within the forum image lightbox, the description will display below the image.  The description also appears on the Image Info page and can be edited by the uploader at any time.
  4. You have access to updated Image Info pages.  On the Image Info pages, you have access to information about when the photo was uploaded, who uploaded it, how big it is, etc.  Now you can view the full-size image, report the image, and generate a thumbnail of any size.  If you uploaded the photo, you can edit the description here or even delete the image completely.
  5. Tag images directly.  From the Image Info page, any user can tag the photo so that it will automatically display on any Product Page or tag page.


Talk About Wiki And Product Edits In The New Talk Forums

As Wikis are collaboratively edited articles, many users at any time will contribute to one piece. With the Wiki Talk forums, you can now discuss rationale behind editing a Wiki, what contents belongs there, what doesn't, how it should be structured, or any other editorial decisions about the Wiki.  To access these forums, simply click the "Discuss" button at the top of each Wiki article.


There are also now similar forums dedicated to the updates and editing of information on Product pages.  These forums are best used to talk about why you edited a product's description, information that would be great in the Product Wiki, etc.  To access these forums, click the "History" button above the Product description - here you'll find the "Discuss" button to access the Talk forums.


The Wiki and Product Talk forums work just like the main forums, except each one pertains to a specific Wiki or a specific Product.  Keep in mind, these forums are designed to talk about the editorial contents, not the Wiki subject or Product itself.


See Where You Have Posted In The Forums At A Glance

We've made some slight modifications to the formatting within forums. Now you'll see a slightly thicker grey bar to the left of each forum post you have posted in.  When you are within a particular forum (or on the New Posts page), you'll quickly be able to notice which threads you've actively participated in and which have new content. 


Let us know what you think!


And happy Cinco de Mayo!