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Wine tasting at organic wineries?

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With warmer weather, I've been thinking about hitting some wineries for a bit of tasting here, a bit of tasting there. Any recommendations for where to go in the Napa/northern California region? Or even elsewhere in the US (that part's mostly just out of curiosity).

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I actually just went to Frog's Leap up in the Napa Valley (Rutherford to be exact).  It's a really beautiful winery plus it's organic and dry grown. 


One thing to know before you go is that they do tastings on the tours and you do need a reservation.  My boyfriend and I didn't know that before we went...and we just dropped in. 


They're really nice there and they actually put aside a few bottles just in case there are drop ins who miss the full tasting.  We got a chance to try the merlot and the sauvignon blanc (I might have been the chardonnay...I kind of forget).  Both were very pleasant.  We also picked up a bottle of the Frog's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon.  We haven't cracked into it yet, but I'll keep you posted on how it is.


In case you're interested in tasting a bottle before you make the trip out there, I've definitely seen it at Whole Foods for maybe $35-$45 or so depending on the kind.


Here's one more rather goofy shot for y'all...



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One of my favorites up in Napa is Salvestrin Winery. It's pretty small and family operated. On my last trip up there, it was the best wine I tasted. I bought the Retaggio that time but I also really, really like their cabernet. I'd recommend stopping by their tasting room. It's not formal by any means and they're incredibly friendly. Salvestrin isn't certified organic but they do farm organically. One of the guys there told me he's had the paperwork on his desk but that it takes more work to do that than it does to change your farming practices.

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Cool, I'll definitely look into those. There's one in Dry Creek that I like called Preston. Only been there once, but it's a great spot for a picnic - I believe their wines are certified organic and they sell organic produce that they grow as well.

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Some wineries charge by the glass, others charge a small admission fee and include the tasting in the fee, while others simply allow you a couple of tastes for free. Pardon That Vine  He is very flexible as far as the structure of the event. I recently came across while surfing the net. I think you should try this. Hope it will help you.
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