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Any ideas?

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So I have an eco-friendly, green and organic online store. I am trying to find ways to market it and find customers. I need advice from anyone who has had luck with this sort of thing. I have tried a few things but no luck yet.


I really appreciate any input.

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I would suggest networking with members of the green community online. Perhaps if you put a link to their blog on your website, they might promote your shop on their site in return.

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It all depends how money funds you have to invest. The web is full with companies offering you Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - be careful. There are many scams in SEO. Check very well the references of the company before you pay one.

There are many things such as listing in directories and backlinks that you can do in ten fingers.
Start by reading Google's SEO Blog - they provide a lot of useful information.

For you specifically, with your products - search online for green directories, forums and blogs. Write them, try to get exposure. One good post from a writer who has many followers, listeners, viewers - and your site will get a nice exposure.

Green/good luck.
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