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Whilst poking around the interwebs, I noticed this very cool article on GreenUpgrader about VeggieTrader:



So you’ve harvested more apples than you could possibly eat, but you really want a bunch of tomatoes to put up for the winter. Or all of a sudden you have oodles of cucumbers in your garden, but no peppers. Maybe you want to sell your garden surplus to other local folks, but don’t have a way to get the word out. A new online community, Veggie Trader, could help you to make all of the local garden connections you need this summer.

I sadly don't have much space to grow any edible plants in San Francisco (although I've definitely been meaning to look into window planters) but I know the beauty (and the pain) of a huge crop that leaves you with lots extra.  For example...when I was maybe 7 or so, my step mom grew a TON of zucchini in our backyard.  I'm not kidding when I say every single meal that summer involved zucchini.  If only VeggieTrader existed then...maybe I wouldn't have avoided that particular vegetable for probably at least 5 years after that.