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how to make organic skin care products?

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I've been doing a lot of web searches on how to create my own natural/organic skin care products (facial cleansers, etc.)  All that I've come across include yogurt/milk and need to be stored in the fridge.  Does anyone know of any websites or have their own recipes for creating these types of products that do not require this kind of storage?  Thanks for any direction.



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Hi Kristie!


We actually have a wiki article dedicated to recipes for DIY skin care.  It certainly isn't an exhaustive list but it might be a good place to get started:

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Hi kristie, since organic skin care is made of natural ingredients, they need to be stored in a refrigerator otherwise they will go perish soon. You might be interested in organic facial skin care recipies. You can find many information from VANYA facial skin.

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Has anyone tried to make their own cleansers and/or moisturizers for acne-prone skin? Or know of any resources where I can find recipes?


I've tried all sorts of over-the-counter products, including natural and organic, and I can't seem to find the right combination of ingredients to keep my skin happy. I've seen recipes for oily skin masks, but I don't think oily skin and acne-prone skin are really the same thing.

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Originally Posted by katiehmn View Post

Has anyone tried to make their own cleansers and/or moisturizers for acne-prone skin? Or know of any resources where I can find recipes?


I've tried all sorts of over-the-counter products, including natural and organic, and I can't seem to find the right combination of ingredients to keep my skin happy. I've seen recipes for oily skin masks, but I don't think oily skin and acne-prone skin are really the same thing.

At one point in time I had good success with almonds.  I simply put some almonds in the food processor until they were a sandy/smooth consistency.  I used this as a facial cleaner like I would any type of soap.  It doesn't keep long, so I wouldn't recommend making a lot.  It did work well, as I am acne prone as well.  I hope that helps.

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I also have acne but I am pretty sure it is hormone related so nothing has really gotten rid of it. On the other hand, I have been using honey and oil to cleanse my face recently and it has really helped with the oiliness.


I have some raw honey in a jar and I rub onto my wet face and then wash off just like any other cleanser every night. It leaves my skin squeaky clean, very soft and it looks amazing afterward! I read that honey is antibacterial so it is supposed to help with acne.


For the oil cleansing method check this out. It explains the logic behind cleansing oily skin with oil. Basically oil desolves oil, plus you need to choose the right oil for your skin type and the ratio with castor oil that works for you. I am using olive oil at the moment but will try grapeseed oil when this batch is out. I am using it a couple of times a week and it also makes my skin very soft, it looks great and has helped with oil concentration and large pores. I am still getting zits though, but like I said, it's hormone related so nothing I do on the surface will completely get rid of it.

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I'll have to give some of the acne treatment recommendations a try -- thanks for the good suggestions! I found a website with a recipe for cleanser of tea tree essential oil + filtered water; and applying pure tea tree oil to the affected areas, but not too frequently. It also has a recipe for tea tree essential oil + jojoba oil as a leave-on/wipe-off treatment, which has worked nicely for me so far. Tea tree oil has good antibacterial properties and apparently penetrates beneath the skin to fight the bacterial infection that causes breakouts.


Now that I finally have a food processor, I can try the ground almond cleanser. I'd also read that it works well for acne-prone skin.


My problem is with moisturizers -- after I've cleansed and toned, I feel like I really should moisturize. But over-the-counter and store-bought moisturizers just clog my pores. I'll have to dig around for some moisturizer recipes for oily skin to try.

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Personally I'm looking to make a face cream, with no refridgeration needed,  that will be super moisturizing but not give me a rash. Most of the commercial products give me a rash, on the face or elsewhere, but I do love the original oil of olay cream (in a short jar) with no sunscreen. I am looking to replace the oil of olay with something else thats non-toxic, and I'd love to hear any ideas anyone might have. I have tried using things like burt's bees "mama oil" or "baby oil" and while they work great on body parts, they irritate my face. I'm of German descent, with the rosy cheeks, and don't need the extra red (rash) on my cheeks.  =)

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Try Keys Luminos Moisturizer or Keys Tortuga Super Emollient Lotion, or one of the Miessence moisturizers (four different formulations for skin types).  They are all safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly and natural.  They won't irritate (Keys are mildest).

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look at for home made reciepes

and for info and skin care info

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Check out this book called Naturally Healthy Skin Tips and Techniques for a Lifetime of Radiant Skin By Stephanie Tourles.  It has lots of great formulas that are simple and clean. There are all types of washes and toners, most don't need to don't need to go in the refrigerator. I was really impressed with all the info and options she provides in this book. Hope that helps.

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O skin and AC prone skin arent the same. Right now i use apple cider vinegar as a toner, i really think it has helped.  Whatever you apply it with, flush it down the toilet, do not throw away in the garbage for it to linger.  i have been using aubrey's natural herbal moisturizer for oily skin and my skin is oily, sensitive, acne-prone. is very cheap compared to wholefoods (a $3 differnce, and greater if you buy in bulk). I hope this helps a little.  I'm just what my screen name say, New to This. 

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I have found some great organic skin care product at, finally no more rash and I am very impressed with some of the products! I love the Repair Serum and the DMAE Supreme Serum!

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Hi Kristie Im looking to do the same to so we are on the same boat. Hope we get great tips and guidelines from the resources given to accomplish our dreams desire. All the best in every thing you do, touch or see. Blessing!! ;-)!

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I find that I cannot use the cheaper skin care products that are available in the drugstore. I have to use specialty skin care products sold in the larger department stores with the larger price tags. I found this website ...It has the specialty products at reduced prices...and always Free Shipping. Their SkinMedica line of products are about half the price of department stores.





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I've heard from many reputable sources that the best way to make organic skin care products is to use oils. Check this out. It explains the benefits of the oils that we use every day. Definitely a golden piece of information to note.

So far, after reading tens of articles, the best one seems to be the jojoba oil. People have added jojoba oil into their homemade cream products and it works excellent on their skin. I have yet to try this out, but since most jojoba oil produced today is organic, this definitely makes sense. I will try it once I get my hands on a few bottles myself and will post the results back here.

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Here are some good yet, cheap organic washes. Also, a great recipe for organic chamomile toner + face wash

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If you are looking for cheap and organic skin care, Oats are the answer (if a somewhat icky one!) Mix up with water (ideally purified to get rid of nasty chemicals) and slap on your face. Leave to dry for a while then use as scrub when removing. Seriously soft and lovely skin :) 

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I've been making my own skin care products and I don't refrigerate them. I've gotten recipes from and Gorgeously Green also has a youtube page which is helpful because you can watch the how to videos.

To make the products last longer you have to store them in a glass jar that does not let light in. They sell amber jars on amazon that are not too expensive. You also have to avoid light and keep it somewhere cool. It can last up to 3 months. I believe when you read a recipe online they say to refrigerate them as a liability.

I gave my mom a batch that I made and it was really warm in her bathroom and it did grow mold after a month.

Adding essential oils like rosemary can help keep the shelf life because it's antimicrobial. There are other essential oils that kill bacteria like lemongrass I believe. Just google for a list of them. There are many. 

A little goes a long way with facial cream. I make them in about 2-3 oz batches because I love experimenting so I want a batch to last about a month or two and them I'm ready for a new concoction. :)

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Hi Kirsty,


You should check out this site. they have an amazing range of organic beauty products .

I have also seen some cool recipes on the face book page for making home made soap and bath salts using essential oils

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You can make a facial scrub at home by using oatmeal and sugar. Add enough organic aloe vera gel or distilled water to the dry ingredients to make a paste.

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1 teaspoon dried chamomile 1/2 cup boiling water 2 drops essential oil soak together for 15 minutes and filter it out with a fine sieve use sterilized bottles of corse to pour it in.

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I agree with these posts that suggest simple cleansers and moisturizers!  Too often we use products that have only a few "working" ingredients and the rest is drying and useless.  I am going to share what I use personally and also share a link to my website where I offer the same products I use every day:


Cleansing: I think warm water daily is a good routine for healthy skin.  Soap is hardly ever necessary.  I have oily skin, and I pat my face twice daily with a warm cloth, then splash with cool water to tone.  I also LOVE face masks of all kinds.  Properly done, they deep cleanse the skin and leave it soft and clean as a baby's.  Some good masks are mashed fruit such as avocado, banana or applesauce; yogurt; honey; or bentonite clay mixed with water.  For tips on using a face mask, see my blog post


Moisturizing: Lotions which contain water or water based ingredients can moisturize, whereas body butters with no water can hold in moisture that's already there.  I like to use a tiny bit of either extra virgin olive oil or my whipped body butter on my face and body immediately after washing or showering, so that the oil holds in the moisture.  A whipped body butter is basically firm oils that have been whipped into an airy texture.  Cocoa butter, walnut oil, avocado oil and olive oil are great for this.  If you want a lotion containing water, I recommend Bend Soap Company as a good product.


Scrubs: A sugar/salt scrub is a great way to exfoliate the body and add oils at the same time.  These scrubs are my favorite to use in the shower because they fill the air with fragrance.  You can make your own with sugar or salt and the oils of your choice.  I also offer delicious scrubs online.

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Wow, I also interested in this question. If you got good idea, please share with us. I have subscribed your email.

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Some great recipes! I'll have to try some.  I haven't been brave enough to make my own I've only bought natural skincare products instead from oras amazing herbal, renpure, and clear60

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