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Stretch Island Fruit Co, the makers of Stretch Island Fruit Leather and Fruitabu, are partnering with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation to bring 17 schools in 9 different cities fruit tree orchards.  The program, called Fruit Tree 101, is designed to help teach kids about the importance of eating fruit and environmental stewardship.


This comes from the press release:



In 2008, the “Fruit Tree 101” program planted approximately 1,000 fruit trees and shrubs at 24 schools across the country, which will result in hundreds of thousands of pounds of oxygen being created and an even greater amount of carbon dioxide sequestered from school grounds for decades to follow.




Communities expected to enjoy the “fruits” of the 2009 program include New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland and Baltimore among others. Stretch Island Fruit Company’s goal is to plant another 850 trees and shrubs, resulting in an additional 83,000 pounds of oxygen and the offsetting of around 105,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from school grounds each year.


It also looks like parents can nominate their children's scohols for inclusion in the program. 



Instructions for how to submit a school, including the specific requirements for planting an edible orchard on school grounds, can be found on the “Fruit Tree 101” section of