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Huddler Contest: What's the best green Mother's Day gift?  

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Well, Mother's Day is right around the corner - May 10, 2009, in fact!  That's just a few weeks away!  So to get inspired, share your ideas for what your mom might like (and if you're a mom, share what YOU might like). 


And what's even better?  Your suggestions could win you one of two great prizes from Gilden Tree!  The grand prize winner will receive a Home Spa Essentials kit (with a Waffle Weave Wash Mitt, Terra Cotta Footscrubber®, 1 oz. Shea Butter Balm, and an 8 oz. Soothing Hand and Body Lotion).  The runner up will receive a Try-Me Home Pedicure kit (with Nourishing Foot Cream and Exfoliating Foot Scrub, a posy-shaped terra-cotta Scrubbie and pair of natural cotton socks).  And of course, both would make great Mother's Day gifts too!  Just make sure to get your suggestions in by May 3rd (we'll be randomly selecting a winner that day).



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How about a homecooked meal with all organic and local produce?

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I always get my mom flowers for Mother's Day.  Of course, there are flowers and there are organic flowers!  The really organic and local ones are the ones you grow yourself.  But if you don't have a garden or any flowers to speak of, Local Harvest has a good resource to help you find local flowers in your area.

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How about telling her how much you love her and appreciate her? Moms love that!


I know my mom will apreciate anything that comes with love but I am making her something this year to show her how much she has influenced me even indirectly (and I love hand made customised gifts anyway). So, she is getting hand made soap and washcloth (knit by me with a flower motif on it, beacuse she loves flowers) and if I make it on time a knit shawl to keep her warm when I am not there!

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A lovely bouquet along with some nice body lotion!

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A hug and some appreciation.

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The best earth friendly way to spend mother's day would be with my three year old daughter, enjoying a day at the park with a nice picnic lunch, with organic food of course.

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I want more cloth bags (for shopping)

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I would love to have my children show their appreciation and love. I believe that monetary gifts and cards are not necessary



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I would like to make potporri from natural, organic ingredients.

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For all the loving work that mothers do, they definitely deserve to be recognized and appreciated! While most moms love the traditional gift of flowers, I thought why not give my mom something that not only shows my love, but helps her relieves stress and pamper herself as well? I think Natural spa products are the most stress-relieving and pampering gift for mom because it will sure to make her feel special and relaxed!

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The best mother's day present is to be allowed to sleep in then have breakfast in bed made from, of course, organic ingredients.

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To be honest my mother is 81 years old and every mothers day we do the same thing.  Go out for a little brunch and then head down to the casino.  She loves it there and requests it every year.  Sometimes she comes out ahead and other times she comes back having lost money but either way we always have a really good time.

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My best Mother's Day present is to dine at a fine restuarant with my husband & children and receive roses.

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I would love a day where I don't have to do anything!!

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This year I plan on getting my mom some nice organic garden plants so she can have a little patio garden of herbs, lettuces and some tomatoes.  :)

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Planting a tree in her honor!  My mom loves maples, so maybe I'll go with one of those.

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Last year for Mother's day I made my Mom a "Go Green" kit.  It was a canvas shopping bag filled with CFL bulbs for every lamp in her apartment, castile soaps, a mini organic herb garden, organic/fair trade teas & chocloates and all kinds of other little goodies.  She LOVED it!

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As a mother I would love it if my family would help me fix my in much need of TLC garden. Oh sleeping in would be nice too. As for my mom... buy her a potted plant of flowers or make her a homemade meal and she is happy. Planting a tree in her honor is a great idea too. My mom loves fruit trees.

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I am currently expecting our first baby due in the beginning of September, which would make me a little over 20 weeks along. For this special mother's day, I would love to get a certificate to a spa to have prenatal massage. I just now starting to feel the aches and pains of pregnancy, so a prenatal massage would just be wonderful :)

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 For Mother's Day I plan on cleaning the house for my mom, with all natural cleaning products of course.  I also plan to cook her a nice organic breakfast in bed, while she watches her favorite movie.  I think that I may also start working in her garden for her so that she can take mothers day to just rest and relax.  

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I would love to have a bicycle!

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Goodness Mother's day is around the corner. Hopefully you've been good to her the whole time and the gift is just the icing on the cake. Times are also really tough for many. If you can make or mix up you mom's gift. Go for it, she'll love it. Or you can buy handmade items that are very unique.handmade gifts

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I would like a card with a note telling about the most memorable day we spent together as Mother and a small child from child's point of view. It would be sweet along with a small gift like a rose or a splash of cologne or a photo key chain. I'll never forget when I was three that my mother told me that the rain drops splashing in the street were the fairies dancing in the rain.

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Homemade breakfast! Plus cupcakes. But that's because I want to eat them too.

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Thinking about it more, if you are not crafty (or don't have time) and want to support indepedent crafters there is always Etsy. You can buy something unique from another crafter. There are many eco-gifts available (I got my reusable produce bags and bulk products bags from there) and many crafters on Etsy use recycled materials (or reuse existing resources). I support them as much as I can!

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Hmm...the perfect Mother's Day gift...


We'll be celebrating early this year since I'm going down for a visit this weekend and I haven't thought too much about it yet. But, there are a few things I know for sure.


My mom doesn't exactly sleep in (unless you consider 7:30am to qualify) so I think the perfect start to her Mother's Day would be for ME to get up with her (yikes!) and share a quiet cup of coffee in our pj's before the rest of the house wakes up. Then, I would like to make her a delicious homemade breakfast. Maybe some wheat germ, blueberry buttermilk pancakes and a bowl of fresh fruit. Or, some pumpkin bread with yogurt and fruit. Then, of course, I could always just do omlettes with spinach and mushrooms and feta! (I like to cook...)


My mom enjoys quiet and relaxation (pretty common, I think) so not really having an agenda would be the best. Hopefully, it will be a nice day and we can take Tessa (her dog) for a walk at the beach or the park and maybe just lounge around in the hammock in the backyard talking and catching up on life... 


As far as tangible gifts, I think a good book, some black licorice (ew!) and a bouqet of Gerber daisies will do the trick...


A Gilden Tree spa kit wouldn't hurt, either! =)

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My mom's getting dirt! ...And a flat of pansies to put in it.

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My children are grown and my grandchildren are teens.  They all live in another state.  One of my very favorite gifts (anytime) is to receive a letter from one of them telling me about what's going on in their lives.  They all call and we email, which is wonderful, but an actual letter, or even a short note, is something you can take out and read again (and again).  And it's something everyone can afford - just a little time, effort and love.

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