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Scotch-Brite comes out with green cleaning products

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3M is a big company...but it would seem their brand Scotch-Brite, makers of all sorts of sponges and what not, is joining the clean green fight with their Greener Clean line.  The line includes scrubbers made from agave plant material, reusable/biodegradable sponges made from cellulose (including recycled paper), soap scrubbers filled with biodegradable soap, and even bamboo cleaning cloths. 


Has anyone seen these around or used them?

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I have used both the bamboo cleaning cloths  and the scrubber sponge. I like them both. The bamboo cleaning cloths, made from 60% bamboo-derived rayon and 40% cotton, are really soft--soft enough for body care if you so wished! They have slightly raised pattern, which is good for wiping up "yuk".


The scrubber sponge works great too--the fibers in the sponge are made from 100% recycled paper and the scrubbing fibers are made from 50% natural agave plant, the other 50% is synthetic--but it is a step in the right direction for the largest maker of cleaning sponges in the world! 


Another big plus is that these sponges/cleaning cloths will be available in most retail stores within a few months of this post--so a larger population of consumers will be exposed to natural cleaning accessories than ever before--and that will help green cleaning to become even more mainstream.


I wrote detailed reviews on both these products on my blog, Natural Cleaning Product Reviews at Check it out!  

Happy Green Cleaning, GreenKeen a.k.a. Pamela Palmer


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It's been a year since Scotch-Brite launched their green products but I still think green cleaning products are not as established as they should be. Many times, popular cleaning products bring with them allergens. Bleaches, toxic cleaning sprays and other chemicals used to clean the home commonly contain a variety of ingredients that can cause or trigger allergies in people. I hope we move onto green cleaning soon.


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I agree, I just enrolled with a company that has been around for 25 years. They pride themselves on their green cleaning products. We plan on switching out all the crap we have under the sink to green cleaners. I haven't received my first order yet, but will let you know what I think after I try the stuff.


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I have yet to see these in our local stores. Have you found them in specific stores or online? I'd like to give them a try.

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Oh my Gosh! I totally know that this is an older post, but I absolutely love Scotch Brite (I'm obsessed with cleaning) and I have totally been green obsessed. I've never actually seen these green cleaning products in my local grocery store. This is HUGE for me. Ha ha.


Wow. I'm getting excited over cleaning products. I am some kind of lame. . .;)


By the way, I'm new around here. . . The name's Wendy! :)


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I have used the bamboo cleaning cloths, and I think they're good for basic cleanups. Wipe downs, mostly. The nature of bamboo cloth is very soft, which doesn't really get the deep dirt so much, even with the raised pattern texture. My kitchen and bathroom surfaces are tile with rough grout, so the cloths get eaten alive if I try to do any kind of heavy work with them.


I've actually started using them for body care (as GreenKeen suggested), because they're light, wring out easily, and aren't too harsh on the skin. :)

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It's great to see big companies embracing the green culture like this, I'm proud to be part of a St. Louis house cleaning service that uses green environmentally preferred products like this.

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didn't know about it.

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I love the effort that they are making but there are cheaper and greener ways to clean the home that are just as effective. These products have appealed to the go green in a lot of us but I wouldn't consider them a truly natural alternative. It is however a step in the right direction.

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