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Indoor Air Quality Testing

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Has anyone used an "at home kit" to test the air in your home? I would like to do this and do not know what brands are reputable. Thank you!

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States usually have a kit for radon testing - other tests I don't have any idea but would be quite interested. 

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I have used indoor air quality tests for years. I am an indoor air quality specialist. I searched for a year to find air quality test kits that are good products for home owners that want to do the testing them selves. Check out these air quality test kits, they are cheap, reliable and easy to use


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Careful Kristy - this fellow represents the same company as seen in another post.  

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As has already been stated and acknowledged here, there are many varieties of in-home test kits.  Generally speaking, identifying the purpose for the test  can help determine which type of kit to use (as with Russ's example of the Radon Gas test kits.)


I frequently work with clients who aren't necessarily looking for a test that will identify and breakdown every single chemical/organic compound and/or particulate in their air individually, and probably wouldn't know (or want to know) what all of the lab results might mean, but instead just want to visibly see if they've got a lot of particulate, mold and mildew spore and bacteria floating around in their indoor environment as well as on surfaces.  (More simply said, they just want to know how "clean" their home is.) With these individuals, I give them a simple to use, free petri dish kit with instructions, and consult with them before and after their test.  Once we determine if it looks like there could be something to be concerned about, then we talk about further testing and possible solutions.  A lot of times the petri dish test acts as the "pre-test" kit in order to help determine if the more costly and detailed tests are warranted or desired.  And since there's no charge for the petri dish kit it's a pretty painless experience.  (Kids get into it too because it's like a little home based science project!)



Owner- Inner Pollution Solutions 

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I would be happy to help you with any of your concerns regarding your indoor air quality.
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If you are concerned about mold in your home, I would recommend talking to a professional about having a mold test performed.  Take a moment to see what consumer reports wrote about diy mold test kits.  

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