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A good organic (and relatively inexpensive) facial moisturizer?

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I recently tried Earth Science Almond-Aloe Moisturizer and was dismayed to learn it contained a few harful ingredients. 


I'm now looking for an as-pure-as-possible moisturizer that actually moisturizes and won't break the bank.



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Hmm....I've enjoyed the Pangea face cream for the most part, but it's kind of on the pricy side.  I'd recommend poking around the Face Cream section and checking out some of the reviews!

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I agree that Pangea's products are amazing, but a little pricey.  If you're looking for botanical ingredients and reasonable price, I would really recommend looking at Burt's Bees stuff.  Specifically, in the way of face moisturizer, I enthusiastically recommend their Marshmallow Vanishing Cream.  (Yes, marshmalloow was a plant before it was a puffy sugar bomb.)


Here are the ingredients: water, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, stearic acid, glycerin, mangifera indica (mango) seed butter, beeswax, vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, rosa canina (rosehips) fruit oil, salix nigra (willow) bark extract, tocopherol, fragrance, phenoxyethanol, glucose, althaea officinalis (marshmallow) root extract, calendula officinalis flower extract, sodium borate, xanthan gum, sucrose stearate, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil, vegetable oil, beta carotene, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase.


My degree is in biochemistry, and I feel quite safe with these ingredients, aside from the phenoxyethanol.  I know that for some people, that's a deal-breaker.  I'm not crazy about it, but I've decided to tolerate it.

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I've never tried them myself but I know Dr. Bronner's makes an organic lotion.  I really love their normal castile soap and their new shikakai soaps.  It's not specifically a face lotion, but they only charge $10 for a bottle and they're definitely a reputable company with safe ingredients.

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Try good old unrefined sheabutter. You can get it for about $5.00/$6.00 for a whole lb. It works wonders. I have been using it for 40years. Naasakle 

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Epicuren has a wonderful one called Hydro-Plus.  It doesn't sound inexpensive but I bought a 4 oz. (for $70, I think) that lasted over a year with my husband digging into it on occasion.  There are NO chemicals and you would know all the ingredients cause they are natural.  I live at high altitude and this works amazing for me here and when I travel down to the beach (which is often).  I highly recommend it.  Also, sometimes you can find it less expensive online instead of going to a beauty supply. 

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Where can you buy good old unrefined shea butter anyway?? I've never seen it.


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Originally Posted by co2h2o View Post

Where can you buy good old unrefined shea butter anyway?? I've never seen it.


I use both refined and unrefined shea butter, but I've never actually put it on my face. My unrefined shea butter has a pretty distinct smell which not everyone likes. I don't mind it too much, but I prefer using shea on my body (although come to think of it, I have put small amounts on my lips when they're severely chapped).  I get mine from a friend of my mom's who makes it at her wellness center (but I think you can only get it there)


Searching Google Products, there are a number of places that sell unrefined shea butter online:

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Try regular old organic, cold-pressed coconut oil! Maybe add a little tea tree oil to your face.........keep it simple :) 

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There are some recipes for moisturizers in the Homemade Face Mask and Skin Care wiki.  Takes a little more work but this way you really know what you're getting.

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I read in one of my books that a great light weight moisturizer for oily skin is aloe vera gel. You can mix some essential oils appropriate for your skin in there too. I plan to try this in the summer...

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I just remembered that many swear by jojoba oil as a moisturiser as well.

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sheabutter is a recommended moisturizing ingredient for many skin types. You'll find many good resources regarding facial skin including organic skin care recipes from VANYA facial care.

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I recommend In Love With Bodycare's Rejuvenating Lotion. It is a little expensive, but the best value for the results I have ever used. It has given me the best skin ever... it absorbs well, is light enough for daytime but I use it at night too,  and it has mushroom mycelium in it which is supposed to be amazing for the skin and body. It also has red pepper which is super good for the skin and circulation... you just want to keep the stuff out of your eyes.

You can find it at


I just looked and it's actually in the Body section... here is the link to the actual lotion

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I am an Esthetician and I love Lavera Skin Care Aloe Vera Moisturizing Fluid for the day and Aloe Vera Protection cream at night. I find that its perfect for winter time, great for sensitive skin, has anti-aging ingredients and will not break the bank... $21. Their website is awesome and if you sign up for their on line newsletter you receive 20% off on your first order.

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I've been using the solay wellness moisturizer for a little over a year.  It took me awhile to find a skin care line that was unscented and that the company disclosed all of their ingredients used. After becoming pregnant I began to look more at what I was absorbing through my skin. Most moisturizers I've tried have made me break out, so I was happy to find that their moisturizer didn't and it wasn't greasy and it's organic. I think I've tried most of their skin care line, if I didn't buy the full size, I bought the samples to try :o)

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Hey, dear i want to know something about the hair ekstension  which are getting very popular these days ,cause they give the extra beauty to the women and you know these are cheap.....tooo.




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Originally Posted by Deej View Post

There are some recipes for moisturizers in the Homemade Face Mask and Skin Care wiki.  Takes a little more work but this way you really know what you're getting.


Thanks for the link, think I may try the banana one tonight, will let you know how it goes tomorrow. 


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Hello guys,


I just bought some amazing ORGANIC face and body products - from Rose and Lavender.


The company is Organic Rose. Check it out -

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Single natural oils can be good occasionally but for most folks, especially those with demanding skin something as simple as plain jojoba is just not going to be enough.  Your skin needs a variety of nutrients just like you need a variety of foods in your daily diet.  Various ingredients in a well-designed moisturizer also can work synergistically to help the skin retain moisture throughout the day so you don't end up dried out partway through.  While a plain oil might do fine for especially younger ladies whose skin is not yet at the point of being more fragile, it is not going to be ideal for a lot of folks.  Better would be an oil blend that can provide a range of compounds.  Something unrefined would be best as well so it still retains as much nutrition as possible.


Lavera is a great line - I am a formulator and I still recommend their line to people all the time.  The feel of the products is elegant, they are BDIH certified natural, and their sunscreen is especially fantastic.


You should check out my line as well - Blissoma SOLUTIONS .  Our ingredients are exceptionally clean (all posted online by each product) and everything in the line is affordable.  We have 4 moisturizers all designed for different purposes and delivering different types of nutrient benefits.  Awake and Peace are our normal skin morning/evening duo, Smooth is for oily/acneic skin and has been endorsed by Natural Solutions magazine and natural dermatologists, and Lift is our mature skin formula.  Fig+Sage natural lifestyle blog awarded us their "Best Budget-Friendly Line" award as well as several individual product awards just recently.  We have a code that you can put in for 15% off any 1 product as well:  FIGSAVER . 


All our moisturizers will leave you hydrated but not greasy.  We do include essential oils in our formulas so the products do have a bit of scent to them, but the essential oils are functional as well as smelling good.  Rose oil is antibacterial, Juniper is clarifying, etc.  However if you know you have a sensitivity even to some essential oils you'll just want to read the ingredients lists to verify which product is for you.


Good luck on your hunting!

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I have always suffered from dry skin but it got worse once I began doing chemo 10 years ago.  The chemo was causing me to dehydrate and thus, my skin was drying out.  This became a big concern when my skin got so dry that I could peel it off.  
A trip to the dermatologist and he recommended the Made from Earth products - specifically the Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy for the body, and the Pure Aloe Face Treatment for my face.  This bottle is a miracle.
I also have very sensitive skin and have a hard time finding products that wont break me out or be to oily for my skin! It doesn't clog pores so it helps reduce the risk of acne. It hydrates my skins and keeps it smooth and fresh looking all year round! 
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I absolutely adore aloe vera gel as a facial moisturizer! I put it on right after I shower and it leaves my face feeling clean and soft without any residue at all. My skin is super sensitive and combination so it's hard to find something that works for all parts of my face. Aloe does that. :) I also feel like it seals up my pores slightly too because my skin looks a lot healthier and clearer since starting this routine a few years ago!

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My skin will break out very easily, so it's important that I can find a great oil free moisturizer that really helps my skin look fresh. I used Made from Earth's Rosehip Face Serum and it smells great, too. Every other day or so, I use a drop of it (doesn't clog pores!) for extra moisturizing. It's important to keep the skin hydrated! I can do that effortlessly with this product.

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Heavenly skin care has Rosehip & Hibiscus in a serum, lotion or moisturizer. they also have some great organic cleansers and toners.


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I use pure organic coconut oil. For me this is the best moisturizer.

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I was suprised about  "organic coconut oil". Bought it at a whole foods store for like $7.00 Thought it would have broken my face out,but it did not. It made my face so smooth. I also mix it with my body lotion. I live in a very dry area, Tucson, AZ. If it works here it will work anywhere.  I will try the tea tree oil with it. Since it is not processed it turns into liquid when it is warm and when it is cold it turns solid again.  Thank you about tellin me about the tea tree oil with it. 

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i go to Marshalls or TJMaxx & they frequently have organic brands at about a third or more off of the regular retail price.  Organix is one of the brands i frequently see there.  I get them for under $20.00.  My husband finds Organic hair gel at our local dollar store and stocks up... hey, you never know!  :)

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Try these Pangea's products and Dr. Bronner's products. They provide good lotion creams.They also have some great organic cleansers. Hope you like it. Do search for them.

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Originally Posted by EdConway View Post



Thanks for the link, think I may try the banana one tonight, will let you know how it goes tomorrow. 


Did you try any of them yet?  How did they work with your skin? I would love to know as I have thought about trying them as well.

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