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What do you do to be Eco-Savy?

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  With a drought in my area and an incredibly warm winter it got me to thinking about what other moms are doing to save water, or electricity.   

I asked several moms I know, "What do you do to be eco-friendly?" Here's what they responded with. So let's use their eco-actions and incorporate them into our lives. Some of these mom's do things I never thought of. Just goes to show, we are still all learning and evolving.

My eco-action:
While waiting for the water to get warm (bath or sink) I collect the cold water in buckets to use to water our garden, instead of letting it swirl down the drain.
I take organic cotton bag to shop, mall, grocery, home deopt, it doesn't matter.
We recycle so much, that our "trash" bin gets put out once a month or less, our recyclers every week!
I write a blog. :)

Katie K from Ga:
Creates her own cleaning supplies with Vinegar, Essential Oils and Baking Soda

Kay L. from MO:
I reuse old purses, totes, carrier/messenger bags, weekender bags, sports/duffel bags, anything like that which we are no longer using I will use as gift bags when giving presents to others- the size of the present correlating with the bag used. People know if they don't like them they can just donate them and everyone thinks it's an awesome idea- and the preteen/teenage girls are always thrilled if their gift bag is a purse. Plus, it means I don't have to waste wrapping paper that's just going to get tossed or purchase a new gift bag when there's no need to create more supply and demand.

Christine W. of Cali:
We walk anywhere we can rather than drive, we will now walk as much as 1 1/2 miles each way to go shopping, etc. rather than drive. We also opted for slipcovered furniture from Ikea which is really great cause when the upholstery starts to give way (cats with their claws) we only need to buy new slip covers.
We use vinegar in our Downy ball instead of fabric softener. Works great.
We use reusable water bottles from Sigg.
If we know we are going out to eat we bring our own storage containers so we don't need to use disposable packaging for our leftovers.
We added extra power strips to our house so that we could put non-essentials on different strips from the essentials. This makes it easy to turn of all of those chargers and things when they aren't in use.
We also use flour sacks instead of paper towels and cloth napkins instead of paper ones.
( I love this idea...we should all start this one) I bleach stained clothes and what not on clothes racks outside in the sun. No bleach required. This is a trick my mom taught me when I was younger

Lena S. from FL
I also have a small version of a whiskey barrel where water is caught outside from rain and used to re-water.
I use cloth bags for all shopping, not just groceries.
All of our cleaning supplies are home made and put into reusable containers.

Jennifer A. of TX
Buy locally as much as possible
Use Freecycle and Craigs list first before we buy anything new
Compost - vermiculture for most, but we also compost meats, citrus and as much paper as we can through heat.
Organizing school district wide recycling of aluminum cans at the elementary level for greater participation.
Started a non-profit environmental group focusing on sustainable living and working with businesses in the area.

Deb S. from MT:
Replaced all the light bulbs with curlys. I am switching over to a laptop.They use less power. I use my own cup at the place I get my morning brew. And I've been reading the morning paper at the coffee shop. I have started using the safe cleaner recipes, instead of buying a cleaner from the health store. I only cook at home so that I'm not wasting gas going out for dinner. When winter goes away I'll walk to most places .

Melonie M. of Cali:
I have been teaching my boyfriend about shopping. The main thing is when buying try to get glass containers when it is an option. It has so many uses and is a natural occurring substance. We recycle everything and i am hoping to start a garden this year.

Beth C. of MD
I have to give credit to my grandmother, she re routed the used water that comes out of her washing machine, so that she can collect it and use it on her plants outside. She says the sudsy water is the best bug killer she's ever used on her plants, plus it saves A LOT of water. (my note, yes, soap does kill bugs!)

Jennifer L in PA:
When I shower, I turn off the water to shave my legs. I turn off the water when I brush my teeth, wash my face, and in between dishes. I set my washing machine in "low rinse" every time I do a load, too.
When I leave a room, the lights get turned off. If my son's in bed, I use candles instead of electric lights. I also have one of those energy saving lights in my sons lamp so that when he's sleeping (sleeps with the light on) I'm not wasting too much energy.

Rebecca G. in VA:
One of the things that Save the Bay suggests is that people use rain barrels instead of letting rain run off your gutters into the ground.
I also use phosphate free, chemical free soaps and detergents so that stuff stays out of the water supply, as well.

Dina T. of Colorado:
I reuse all my diaper boxes to store clothes that no longer fit Casey so they are easy to bring to donation.
If we don't finish a glass of water it always goes in the plants.
All of the herbs that are spent..from making teas and infusions get put back in the Earth and dumped in the garden.



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What do I do to be eco-savy? Well...I read up on what people like you are doing to be eco-savy, and I write reviews or blogs about my discoveries and experiences so other people can learn from me how to be's like recycling.


For example, here are two, FREE, easy to use online services to help you stop unsolicited catalogs and junk mail:






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