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Silk Soymilk

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Stop me if I am wrong....but I am pretty sure that all Silk Soymilk used to be organic...and this is no longer the case!


We were at the store, and noticed some new packaging in the Silk lineup that stated in large letters "Organic".  I thought this was just rebranding, but I checked the ingredients list on my usual chocolate Silk- and the soybeans are now listed as natural, not organic.  According to the Silk website, only Plain, Vanilla and Unsweetened refrigerated half gallon flavors are now available in organic.


I am very disappointed by this change, and it's something I would have never thought to check had Kiwi not commented to me about the new packaging- so heads up soymilk drinkers!



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Funny you should mention it - my wife and I both think soymilk tastes kinda gross so we don't buy it, but I did see the organic silk soymilk in the supermarket this morning.

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That's very interesting... I hadn't noticed that because I only buy the plain or unsweetened versions. I had also assumed that all Silk soymilk was organic. I will check it out next time I am in the store...


Do you think there is a chance the non-organic ones are GM?

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According to their website, all their soybeans are non-GM. 

"Until recently the terms Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), GMO-Free and Non-GMO were used to help identify foods that contained genetically altered ingredients. These terms are no longer recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore cannot be used on food packaging.

According to the National Organic Standards, products that are certified organic by definition cannot contain genetically modified ingredients. At Silk, we use only Non-GMO soybeans. Look for the biotechnology statement on our packaging, under the list of ingredients: 'This soy milk is made from soybeans that were not genetically engineered.'"

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What's the difference between natural soybeans and organic soybeans?? 

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I think Silk is defining natural soybeans as ones that are not genetically modified, versus organic soybeans which would also be grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

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Thank you for the explanation, nitedreamer.  What a shame.... The chocolate flavor was my favorite.  What can I say, I'm a kid at heart.  :)

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You are right. I posted this last week but somehow the post did not go through.


This has been happening since January! I called the Silk people and they practically blamed my not knowing to my not reading their website! But, in their website I could not find the info either. They say it is a "new product line" - but, using the SAME box that we are used to buying for the last 10 years?!


There have been changes to the look of the box, if you check thoroughly. First, the green seal vanished but there was the word ORGANIC in capital letters directly under the name - but not certified anymore. Now I wonder since WHEN I have been paying, in terms of money and health, for a product I trusted was organically certified.


I think it is a misleading, dishonest practice. 


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