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Did you guys know that Co-Op America rebranded (or renamed) itself Green America?  Their website is still they're being called Green America now.


Apparently the transition was announced last September, but even though Deej and I went to the Green Festival, which is put on by Co-Op...excuse me...Green America, I didn't know!  This comes from a September 2008 press release:



Co-op America, the national nonprofit at the forefront of creating the green economy for 25 years, will change its name to “Green America” on January 1, 2009.  Since 1983, the more than 100,000-member organization has led the way in helping consumers, investors, and businesses adopt socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices.


Co-op America’s work is unique in combining social justice with environmental sustainability in its definition of green. The organization promotes fair trade and organics, fights sweatshops and polluters, creates climate solutions, and channels positive investment into low-income communities.


Executive Director Alisa Gravitz stated, “After 25 years of leadership in creating the green economy, we feel now is the time to bring the word “green” into our name. As more people embrace “green” we want them to know we are a resource and authority on building authentically green lives and businesses. For Co-op America, and its over 100,000 members, creating a green economy always means social and economic justice along with community and environmental health.  As Green America, we’ll have the same mission with a new name and even greater outreach and impact.”


Gravitz added:  “In our first 25 years as Co-op America, we helped put ‘green’ on the map and encouraged millions of people and businesses seek out green products, investments, and solutions, stated Gravitz.  “In our next 25 years, as Green America, we’ll introduce millions more people and businesses to the green economy and help them build an economy that is authentically green.”

What do you guys think?  Is that a good change?