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Hi everyone!

My name is Staci and I'm happy to join Huddler! I've got a green mind and a green attitude and would like to get your opinion about some things. You see... I'm also a reporter *gasp*. And at times, it can be difficult to find someone willing to go "on the record" about some of the topics I write about. Not that the topics are controversial by any means, sometimes what I'm writing about is so brand new it's hard to find a person who's actually used it!

For instance, I'm currently writing an article about green homeowners insurance. Has anyone heard of it? Fireman's Fund and AIG/Lexington Insurance recently rolled out their policies... essentially if you were to lose your home (be it fire, flood or other covered loss) you would be able to rebuild using green standards. You could use Energy Star appliances, all the sustainable materials you can find AND they'll pay for the LEED consultant and any additional costs for recycling the debris.

Sounds nice to me! But it's brand new. I know it's more common in California... but it's scattered across the country as to which companies offer it.

I don't suppose anyone out there has a green homeowners insurance policy and would be willing to talk to me about it? :)